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Being in control during air-to-air combat is everything. Control leads to confidence, and our precision IRIS-T missile gives you both.

Key features

Short-range, highly manoeuvrable, all-aspect
Roll-pitch imaging and wide angle infrared seeker
Fast target acquisition, full hemisphere engagement, employ as fire and forget

Technical specifications  
Length2936 mm
Diameter127 mm
Detection mechInfrared seeker and proximity fuze sensor
Maximum range Approximately 25 km
Maximum speedMach 3

Air-to-air supremacy

Developed, produced and in-service by the member nations as well as in service by several user countries. IRIS-T is a supreme short-range, incredibly maneuverable, all-aspect air-to-air missile. Equipped with an innovative infrared seeker, thrust-vector control and a dogfight optimized motor, you can engage any target from point-blank up to maximum range.

Gripen E

Building on its predecessors, IRIS-T is characterized by significantly increased maneuverability and firing zones. Enhanced acquisition range, higher hit accuracy and warhead effectiveness as well as superior resistance to countermeasures. IRIS-T can also successfully engage targets behind the launching aircraft and be used in lock-on before and after launch operations.

Uniting expertise

The IRIS-T programme sees Germany, Greece, Norway, Italy, Spain and Sweden unite to provide access to technology and expertise. Diehl Defence is the main contractor.

Infrared seeker

The imaging infrared seeker provides extremely high resolution, target discrimination and flare suppression, even when facing the latest countermeasures. It has all-aspect capability and an acquisition range that is compatible with the missile’s full kinematic range.

Propulsion and thrust-vector control

The combination of the solid propellant motor and thrust-vector control mean highly manoeuvrable targets can be engaged anywhere, including directly behind the firing aircraft.


Although a fired IRIS-T often results in a direct hit, it is fitted with a proximity fuze and a high-explosive fragmented warhead.

Precision design, maximum compatibility

IRIS-T’s diameter, length, mass and centre of gravity position have been deliberately chosen so it is compatible with its Sidewinder predecessor.

The missile launcher interface has also been designed to suit both the previous analogue Sidewinder interface and modern fighters’ digital interfaces.


Did you know...

IRIS-T is a short-range air-to-air missile jointly developed by Germany, Greece, Norway, Italy, Spain and Sweden. Here are some interesting facts about IRIS-T that you may not already know.

  • IRIS-T has been in production since 2005 and is today operative in countries all over the world and integrated in more than 5 platforms
  • In the Swedish Airforce IRIS-T is also called Rb98
  • IRIS-T is integrated to the Gripen E platform
Germany, Greece, Norway, Italy, Spain and Sweden have adopted IRIS-T, as have many other nations.

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