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Gripen 39-7


In stressful situations, the air-to-air Meteor missile can strike with pinpoint precision from beyond the horizon to give you the strategic advantage.

Key features

Advanced radar-guided BVRAAM with the greatest no-escape zone
Autonomous, even in harsh EW environments
High-speed and long-range using ramjet propulsion

Technical specifications

Technical specifications  
Lenght3.66 m (12’)
Diameter0.178 m (7”)
WarheadHigh Explosive Blast-Fragmentation
Detection mechanism Radar proximity Fuze and impact sensor
EngineSolid rocket booster and throttleable ramjet
Operational range100+ km (60+ mi)
SpeedOver Mach 4
Guidance systemInertial Mid-course with Datalinked Updates, Active Radar
Launch platformJAS Gripen, EF Typhoon, Dassault Rafale and F-35 JSF

Precision beyond the horizon

Gripen 39-7

Meteor is an advanced radar-guided, beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) that is superior to other missiles of its type. Meteor is a game changer.

Long-range dominance

It can engage air targets autonomously, day or night, in all weather and even in harsh electronic warfare environments. Exceptional kinematic performance, a two-way datalink and an active radar target seeker ensure that Meteor strikes its target, even at very long ranges.

Gripen 39-7

Thanks to its ramjet propulsion system, Meteor is high speed, has optimal thrust and is capable of destroying fast-moving targets at long range. This creates supreme stand-off ranges and the ability to chase and destroy highly agile moving targets.

High kill probability

A jamming-resistant radar proximity fuze (from Saab) and lethal high-explosive blast-fragmentation warhead combine for a high kill probability against a wide variety of target types.

Vital mission data

The two-way datalink enables the launch aircraft to provide mid-course target updates or retargeting, including data from off-board third parties. 


The active radar target seeker combined with a radar proximity fuze, both of which are highly resistant to active and passive countermeasures, ensures reliable detection, tracking and discrimination of target.

All-up round

Meteor is an all-up round, meaning it is a complete munition that does not require assembly or maintenance immediately before loading, thus reducing its overall life logistic support costs.

Expertise across Europe

The Meteor programme sees the UK, Sweden, France, Germany Italy and Spain unite to provide access to technology and expertise across Europe. MBDA UK is the prime contractor.

Gripen 39-7

Did you know...

Meteor is an air-to-air missile, combining long-range with pin-point accuracy. Here are some interesting facts about Meteor you may not already know.

  • In 2016, Sweden became the first nation taking Meteor into service. Today Meteor is operative in several countries
  • Within the Swedish Airforce Meteor is called Rb101
  • Gripen E have both rail and eject launch capability of Meteor, and up to seven Meteor missiles can be carried simultaneously
Meteor’s operational range is more than 100 km

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