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Extremely demanding air operations require a precision air-to-surface missile system. TAURUS KEPD 350 will destroy dense, hardened and deep targets, big and small.

Key features

Only stand-off missile programmable for a specific, pre-selected floor
Easily penetrate dense air defences
Day and night, all-weather capabilities

Technical specifications  
Range+500 km
Weight1400 kg
Length5 m
Warhead481 kg (Tandem warheads)
VelocityM 0.6-0.95
ApproachLow Level Terrain Following Navigation Tre-Tec (IMU aided by Image-based Terrain Reference navigation and GPS)

Bulldoze all buried targets

Our advanced TAURUS KEPD 350 is an incomparable modular stand-off missile system. It is capable of precision strikes on stationary and semi-stationary targets, including bunkers and other hardened, deeply buried targets, as well as high-value point and area targets, such as large radar stations.


Main features

The system is a Mobile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) Category II weapon, designed to penetrate thick, hardened air defences via a very low-level terrain following flight. Day or night and in any weather, it neutralises its targets through its highly effective 481 kg dual-stage warhead system, MEPHISTO.

TAURUS KEPD 350 combines outstanding penetration of hard and deeply buried targets, and blast and fragmentation of high-value point and area targets with exceptional bridge-and-runway-target kill capacity.

The system remains the only stand-off missile programmable for effect at a specific pre-selected floor. This extraordinary feature is achieved by applying layer counting and void sensing technology.

The power of partnerships

TAURUS KEPD 350 is a product of TAURUS Systems, a joint venture between Saab and MBDA Deutschland. The partnership includes the system’s development, production and global marketing.

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