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Saab Global

Export Control

We comply with arms and export control regimes - It is necessary for our ability to continue doing business as a world class company that we strictly conduct our business in accordance with export control laws, regulations and authorizations, world wide. We will always, without exception, comply with applicable export control laws and regulations. Compliance with these rules and authorizations is a responsibility of every employee.

You, as a Saab Supplier, play an integral role in Saab’s compliance program. Saab relies on you to provide us with export restriction information about the hardware, software, information and services that you provide us.

The following information is required from Saab’s Suppliers:

  • Provide export control codes for each export controlled deliverable (including codes from sub-tier suppliers for all export controlled content) These codes are used to clearly identify whether your deliverables are export controlled and by which countries. (format for providing the information will be provided by Saab).
  • If end use or user assurances or certifications are required, provide the templates published by the relevant authorities, and detail who should sign and where on the templates provided.
  • Provide copies of any applicable authorizations and exemptions (or alternatively provide the reference numbers of any applicable authorizations or exemptions and a detailed description of the applicable restrictions and/or relaxations provided by the authorization or exemption).
  • Mark all information (documents etc.) and software (media carriers etc.) as “export controlled” or “not export controlled”.
  • On delivery provide export control metadata such as making a reference (a cover letter is sufficient) to all applicable export control codes, jurisdictions and the applicable authorizations or exemptions for all deliverables.

If no information as per above is provided by you as Supplier and a violation of any applicable export control legislation subsequently occurs, Saab will hold you liable in the event that your deliverables are ultimately disclosed or sent to proscribed countries or to proscribed recipients. The implications for you may be significant in terms of fines (or worse) imposed by the relevant authorities.