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Saab Global

Perfect order fulfillment

At Saab we are using globally accepted methods and tools for supply chain management, evaluating and comparing supply chain activities and their performance.

The methods link business metrics, processes, industry best practices, technology solutions, and skill development into a unified structure.

Saab Group works continuously to improve the performance of the supply chain. This is done in close cooperation with suppliers to Saab. In order to measure Supply Chain performance Saab Group uses the term Perfect Order Fulfillment (POF).

POF is defined as the performance of the supply chain in delivering: the correct product, to the correct place, at the correct time, in the correct condition and packaging, in the correct quantity, with the correct documentation.

In addition to the above described Saab Group continuously work internally with Key Performance Indicators e.g. Number of Suppliers, Claims, Cost Avoidance and Cost Reduction.