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EMC and Electronic Environment

Saab is an EMC and electrical environment specialist which with customers all over the world. We understand the customer's needs – from drawing board to verification of the finished product.
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Key features

Testing, consulting and training
Accredited by SWEDAC
Six sites in Sweden

From drawing board to finished product

Regardless of the product, its electronic systems must work together in the environment in which they are intended to be used. The systems should also not be disturbed by systems in other products or in turn interfere with them. This is known as EMC electromagnetic compatibility.

Depending on the product and the application area, there are requirements in different standards that must be satisfied in order for the product to be sold and used. To know whether a product meets the requirements, its electronic systems are tested in a controlled environment, a shielded enclosure, where the electrical and electromagnetic environments are controlled.

We have a vast experience of EMC and electrical environmental issues and offer tests on everything from electronic components, antennas and entire electronic systems for passenger cars, trucks, combat vehicles and aircraft. We also have resources in EMF (electromagnetic fields), RÖS / Tempest (compromising signals) and shielding measurements. 

As the first in Sweden to become an accredited supplier in the field, we naturally work with advice, design support and development testing as well as with verification testing. We also hold appreciated training courses within the EMC field, which helps the customer to understand what EMC is and how they design electronics systems from an EMC perspective.

In a nutshell: We are an EMC and electrical environment specialist and we understand the customer's needs.


We perform testing according to approximately 100 methods within the EMC and electrical environment field and are accredited for some 40 test methods in the standard areas EN, ISO and MIL.

We have several shielded enclosures with different sizes and specialisations and can perform both development testing and pre-compliance tests as well as accredited final verification of your product.

EMC lab Östersund
Saab's EMC sites in Sweden
You can find us at six different locations in Sweden: Östersund, Arboga, Linköping, Mölndal, Växjö and Karlskrona. We have customers all over the world.

Antenna measurement

We have one of Europe's most advanced facilities for full-scale antenna measurements, the facility is called AMPA (Antenna test site Arboga). The measurements are made on individual antennas as well as on antennas mounted on, for example, a vehicle or a mast.

The measuring site can handle all frequencies between 20 MHz and 18 GHz and measuring objects up to 90 tonnes. With vast experience in combination with theoretical competence, we are a unique resource for problem solving within the antenna and the telecom conflict field. Since 2007, the antenna measuring site has been accredited according to ISO 17025.


  • Specify antenna system requirements
  • Suggest antenna selection and antenna design
  • Find optimal antenna placement
  • Investigate the impact on the antenna from nearby structures
  • Analyse wave propagation
  • Investigate and resolve telecom conflicts
  • Troubleshoot and repair
  • Measure antenna and wave propagation properties


We have an accredited measurement laboratory for conducting studies of compromising emanation from electronic equipment, as regulated by the Swedish RÖS regulations. We can carry out measurements for Equipment Class U1-U3. 

Delivery checks for compliance with the RÖS regulations are conducted with the support of FMV’s process: TO AF LEDN 800 019900.

We also conduct studies of compliance with EU regulations, governed by the following standards:

  • IASG 07, TEMPEST Basic Principles
  • IASG 07-01, Installation of Sites and Systems
  • IASG 07-02, TEMPEST Zoning
  • IASG 07-03, TEMPEST Evaluation and Testing

Shielding measurement

We have measurement systems to safeguard signal attenuation in rooms and cabinets, inculding small cabinets. Measurements are made in compliance with the established Shell Protection Class 1 (SS1) and 2 (SS2). 

We have systems for measuring compliance with all EU requirements.

Employees talking

Consulting and training

The right advice from the start saves both time and money. We offer consulting services from idea to decommissioning in order to enhance the quality of your product or solution and increase its operational sustainability, safety, and reliability.

While a product is under development, we can conduct a design review and lend assistance early on in the process to ensure the product fulfils established EMC requirements. This may help you to reduce the costs in developing your new product. By conducting a design review during the design phase, we can optimise the product from an EMC and cost perspective.

We offer standard as well as customer-specific training courses in most fields. The courses are arranged on an ongoing basis and can also be offered in-house and tailored to your business and operations.

Radio frequency interference (RFI)

Antenna-coupled transmitters and receivers often operate in close proximity in a small area and within a small frequency range. This can cause some transmitters to inadvertently weaken the performance of or completely disrupt nearby receivers. We can provide RFI analysis which entails investigating whether there is a risk of interference between various transmitters and receivers, and we can offer suggestions on how interference can be resolved.

Electromagnetic fields

We offer a full range of services to confirm conformity to applicable limit values. This means that we can verify and, if required, measure and/or calculate the electromagnetic field levels to which your employees are exposed.


EMC lab Linköping

Did you know...

  • Electromagnetic compatibilityis defined as "the ability of equipment or a system to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbances to anything in that environment".
  • We do verification testing according to more than 100 electrical environmental standards.
  • In 1992, the EMC laboratory in Östersund was the first EMC test laboratory in Sweden to become accredited.
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