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Gripen on roadbase Vidsel

Logistics Analysis

Do you need to maximize availability and reduce costs? By using analysis of availability performance and life cycle cost requirements from the customer's perspective, Saab can provide a cost effective and optimal logistics concept.

Key features

Optimise your logistics
Maximise your availability
Reduce your costs

The benefits of a sustainable competitive advantage

Today’s logistic requirements are getting more and more complex and challenging and we often find it hard to keep up with the ever-changing reality. Saab provides tailored support solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer through our customizable, fully integrated life cycle based support concept.

From the customer’s requirements and prerequisites, we develop a cost effective, optimal logistics concept by using analysis of availability performance and Life Cycle Cost (LCC) requirements. We can help you counter any challenge by balancing the need to maximise availability with the goal of reducing costs.

We have long experience and a significant installed base within all domains.

Life cycle based support

Our support begins at the earliest stages of planning and continues through to decommissioning. The services are tailored to the unique needs of every individual customer, ensuring that your systems and equipment provide maximum value in a sustainable manner.

Breaking the cost curve

Our skills and experience within logistics analysis has been a large contributor in breaking the cost curve for fighter aircraft development.
Breaking the cost curve.

Breaking the cost curve

We have the tools

Saab has many years of experience and expertise in the use of the most effective software tools on the market. If necessary we develop our own tailored tools and models in order to provide the most suitable and efficient solution to our customers, and we can also verify results through simulation.
We have the tools.

Analytic software

Increased availability & reduced cost

Part of the solution

We will be part of setting up the complete life cycle of your solution by asking our Logistics Analysis experts for assistance in product design, procurement, utilization, support and retirement.

If you need to:

  • Optimize your spare parts inventory
  • Range and scale your resources
  • Keep track of your life cycle cost
  • Establish a cost effective supply network
  • Achieve high system availability & reliability

We can:

  • Help you by providing the tools, methods and knowledge within Logistics Analysis.
  • Evaluate all your life cycle stages by applying our broad experience in Logistics Analysis.
  • Provide evidence of achieved availability performance and cost characteristics to optimize a cost effective support solution for any Airborne, Naval or Land based product or system. From a complex aircraft fleet to a simple computer.
  • Adapt the size of the analysis to the size and complexity of the project and system.

Your benefits will be:

  • A full scope of Life Cycle Cost characteristics in the design, operation and retirement of a product.
  • A systematic methodology with tools and methods for the whole Life Cycle, which can be used from specification to end-life management
  • An analytic evaluation of cost estimates, assisting decision making process, budgeting, comparing different design alternatives etc.
  • A proactive work with risk management to eliminate and prevent problems before they occur or get critical.
  • An achieved ”design-to cost” with a balance between performance and cost.
  • A justification of improvements through operational performance evaluation and analysis.


Customer cases


Gripen C
Gripen C/D

Alternative support solutions for Gripen C/D operators and campaigns have been tailored and optimized through logistics analysis and verified through simulations.

Swedish Navy

Initial spare part Optimization associated to Swedish Navy new Costal Surveillance Radar PS640 (Manufacturer: Terma, Denmark).

ROV reliability

Support design changes regarding a Subsea Resident ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) in order to meet increased reliability requirements caused by long periods of autonomous operations in a harsh environment.

MRO contracts

Evaluations and decision support for spares pooling, Part Exchange Program and Performance Based Logistics (PBL) contracts.

Saab 340/2000

Optimization and replenishment of Saab 340 spares focusing on both existing Part Exchange Program and operators own stocks.

Gripen - South Africa

Scaling and ranging of initial spares packages for various Saab products and systems, e.g. for Gripen in South Africa.

SK60 trainer aicraft

Our logistics analysis and optimization of the Swedish SK60 aircraft fleet proved that the availability requirement could be achieved even though the fleet was significantly reduced.

Gripen E - Life Cycle Cost

Supporting the design of Gripen E which has been developed with focus on Life Cycle Cost characteristics.

Medical care facilities

Establishment of cost-effective and mission-optimized support solutions for integrated Medical Care Solutions for defence forces.

Performance gauge

Did you know...

... that efficient tools for logistics analysis can make complicated less complicated and more efficient? The following are examples of services we can provide:

  • Requirements management, including identification, definition, analysis and break down of requirements concerning availability performance and cost effectiveness
  • Development of verification plan/methods as well as allocation, follow-up and verification of requirements
  • Decision support for negotiations related to cost, availability and logistics

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Manager Logistics and Maintenance Engineering