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Integrated Multi-Level Communication Solution – TactiCall ICS

Multinational force operations are increasing, and with them the complexity of the chain of command. Sometimes it is a matter of optimising internal procedures in the area of communication in such a way that external as well as internal and red as well as black networks can be integrated into an easy-to-use and technically secure communication platform. This supports vessels in their complex management tasks. Missions today require efficient coordination and cooperation between the individual actors, a wide range of communication channels and the interaction of different classification levels.

The fully software-based TactiCall ICS is an integrated communication solution interconnecting all communication technologies regardless of radio band, frequencies or hardware. It gives a fast access and control of all internal and external communications from a single user interface. An intuitive user interface provides access to a variety of communication channels at different classification levels, increasing operators’ efficiency in managing operational duties. Designed to be a COTS/MOTS-based building block system, it is possible to tailor content to match the communication needs of every vessel type – from small boat operations to frigates and logistic vessels, submarines or even lager vessel such as destroyers.

Fully Software-Based

The TactiCall ICS is fully software-based and is designed to provide seamless voice and data communications, incorporating all the latest technologies. Modular and scalable system approach ensures seamless integration to 3rd party and legacy systems allowing for a tailored solution to meet specific operational and technical requirements as well as protecting prior investments.


Certified for Multi-Level Security

The TactiCall ICS offers certified multi-level secure communication for up to NATO Secret level, is based on COTS/MOTS hardware and certified for multi-level security EAL5+. The TactiCall ICS facilitates the chain of command, by giving naval teams access to a variety of communication channels of different security levels from the same user terminal. With TactiCall users can listen to a mix of both secure and unclassified communications and simultaneously be able to talk either secure or unclassified. This communication setup can even be expanded to handle multiple security domains with a mix of unclassified, restricted, NATO secret and national secret communication channels, all accessed from the same communication device.

Centralised Management System

The TactiCall management system is a modular user and roles-based interface allowing users to easily maintain and control all communication equipment. Furthermore, the TactiCall Management system provides Emission Control Management, in order to invoke different silence levels, and provides optional frequency and antenna management as well as military SATCOM. The TactiCall Management system provides communication plans with the overview of the equipment included in each chain. It also provides an overall overview status for the communication and allows an operator to test the setup prior to use, thus ensuring an effective mission configuration.


Close Collaboration with Customers

Close collaboration with customers supports a spiral development process, in the scope of which the system is improved through small and continuous evolutionary steps to meet the equally evolving needs and requirement of customers. The navies need to conduct an increased variety of missions – using multi-role ships. But at the same time, the number of crew members are actually reduced in some navies. This emphasises the importance of a system that can be integrated and operated in a wide range of vessels, with positive implications for the training of the relevant staff and also for costs.


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