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TactiCall Integrated Communication System

Saab in Belgium

Trusted and innovative partner

Saab has been a trusted supplier to Belgium and their Armed Forces, Ministry of Defense, maritime and air traffic authorities such as Skyes or Port of Antwerp for more than fifteen years. During the years, Saab has delivered various products from its wide portfolio, including Training & Simulation, Traffic Management, CBRN and underwater systems.

Our team of dedicated experts is constantly liaising with other Saab entities located in Sweden the Netherlands or France, to ensure the best-tailored solutions to our Belgian customers. Innovation & partnership are two words that define us. In building successful collaborations and partnerships, our thinking edge finds new and innovative ways to share ideas, values and commitment with our customers.

Saabs office is located at Luxemburg Straat 3 and is shared with the Saab EU & NATO Affairs Office, which aims to ensure strong impact and visibility of Saab Group in Brussels’ ecosystem, as well as providing support to our European Business Development. The office is also active within EU research funding as and engages in EU policies and legislation ranging from defence and security to aeronautics.

SAFE Police
SAFE - Command. Control. Communication.

SAFE is a truly unified platform for mission critical incident and operations management. The solution replaces legacy disparate solutions, such as C&C, ICCS, GIS, CRM and Mobile data with a single modern platform, providing a complete control room feature set within a single user interface. 

SAFE empowers users to make more informed decisions, faster. The solution increases resolution at first contact, improves customer satisfaction and enables resources to operate more efficiently. At the heart of SAFE is a powerful workflow based rules engine and user interface tool, enabling tailored configuration to meet business process and workflow requirements of individual customers. Organizations can evolve workflows and designs as their demands grows.

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Training & Simulation

Joint training between allied nations is a key topic among all NATO members. Interoperability training at brigade level and beyond is being given greater focus in order to ensure effective training – often together with international allies – and to be prepared for current and future threats. It also enables roles to be changed quickly and flexibly.

For modern armed forces that contribute to international stabilization operations, interoperability and cooperation with other nations has become a key factor. The impact of interoperability is significant and has in the latest years become more important for armies as they develop their training doctrine, and Training, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs).

Live training

Realism – key to operational success

Whilst there is no substitute for actual combat experience, realism is key to optimize the training experience. Saab’s live training solutions delivers that realism and the high fidelity data to learn the key lesson to maximize combat effectiveness. Virtual simulation training allows the user to practice procedures and equipment handling, and together with live simulation training crucial external influencing factors are added. Combat forces operate in an increasingly complex battlefield, under accurate hostile fire, inflicting and taking casualties, in extreme environmental conditions, and equipped with new and emerging technologies.

Giraffe 1X

Giraffe 1X is an ideal air surveillance component in the Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) domain that provides ground based air defence commanders with engagement quality target data, drone detection and Counter-Artillery, Rocket and Mortar (C-RAM) sense and warn within a single solution. It is the ideal main sensor for a Very Short Range Radar (VSHORAD) system and can be used as a gap filler that complements larger GBAD systems, or as a Counter-UAS (C-UAS) solution.

Small size, great performance

Giraffe 1X is an extremely versatile, lightweight and high-performance 3D AESA tactical radar. It offers a unique combination of operational flexibility, multitasking capabilities and multi-role use. Giraffe 1X is a radar that simultaneously detects and tracks airborne and other types of threats, like indirect fires. Its classification function tells you whether it’s an approaching missile, drone, indirect fires and filters away birds. The system offers a small, slow and low-flying target detection function.


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RBS15 Gungnir

RBS15 Gungnir

RBS15 is a highly optimized anti-ship missile with land attack capability. The long-range missile solution RBS15 Gungnir is designed to dominate the littoral environment. Gungnir can also operate effectively in blue water and on land. RBS15 Gungnir can integrate with aircraft, ships and trucks to provide a complete system solution.

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