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Sirius Compact

Sirius Compact is a modular and scalable passive Electronic Warfare (EW) sensor network, providing a true force-multiplier by enhancing situational awareness through silent detection, classification and prioritisation of radar and datalink emissions.
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Key features

Compact passive surveillance for tactical applications
Accurate Angle of Arrival measurements
Platform agnostic

Silent Power – Where you want it. When you want it.

Electromagnetic activities have become critical in the modern battlespace. In this increasingly contested and congested environment, situational awareness is key in tactical operations. How do you meet such a challenge without compromising the need to remain undetected and to deploy with speed and agility? The solution is passive sensing, sensors that are totally silent and don’t emit signals; but can detect  electromagnetic emissions. Passive sensors are nothing new. But, a compact, man-portable system with the ability to support tactical operations at every level, is something new. We call it Sirius Compact, a sensor that can make being silent a very powerful activity.

Broaden your sensing horizon

This modular, scalable, passive sensor meets surveillance challenges across all levels of tactical operations. Through silent detection, classification and prioritisation of radar and datalink emissions; it broadens the sensing horizon and significantly enhances situational awareness. It also provides vital information to improve early warning capabilities, as well as the ability to locate threats whilst remaining undetected.

Rapid deployment, straight into action

Due to its low Size, Weight and Power (SWAP), Sirius Compact offers rapid deployment across all Electronic Warfare operations; bringing passive sensing to all tactical levels. It is a lightweight, installation and datalink agnostic sensor; which can be mounted on a multitude of platforms including drones, vehicles, vessels, masts or man-portable deployments. Agile deployments require sensors that are easy to hide in plain sight.

From single sensor to network operations

Sirius Compact can be operated as a stand-alone unit or as part of a network with several sensors. Through own platform movement or interfacing to multiple sensors, for instance a swarm of drones; it is possible to determine the exact position of a signal through triangulation. It can provide early warning capabilities, typically supporting Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) with accurate target information.

No sensitive data stored in the sensor

Sirius Compact is designed to operate autonomously and allow for assimilation and compilation of signal information providing situational awareness – without storing any sensitive data in the sensor. As a complementing resource to other active or passive sensors, Sirius Compact brings a powerful and comprehensive Electronic Warfare capability to the tactical arena.

Typical applications

  • Complement to multi-sensor systems for Coastal/Border Surveillance, Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD)
  • Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) and Combat Boat
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Commercial Drone
    • Airborne surveillance
    • Manned/unmanned teaming
    • Elevated sensors
  • Special Operations
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Did you know..

Sirius Compact places passive sensing capability in your hands, whenever you want it. Sirius Compact can be installed just about anywhere – the only limit is your imagination.

  • Compact passive surveillance for tactical applications
  • Detection, classification and prioritisation of radar and datalink emissions
  • High precision Direction Finding (DF) & Geo-location
  • Rapidly deployable due to low Size, Weight and Power
  • No sensitive threat library data stored in the sensor
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Responsible for international Marketing & Sales of Sirius Compact

Mathew Willmot
Sales Director, Business Unit Surface Sensor Solutions

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