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The RBS15 family

RBS15 is a highly optimized anti-ship missile with land attack capability, designed to give you the edge to stay ahead in increasingly complex conflict scenarios.

Supremacy over the seas

When developing technologies, we focus on smarter solutions and enhanced capabilities. The RBS15 missile family offers the industry-leading abilities that make sure your forces are ready and able to address any conflict scenario, giving you the edge to stay ahead. Saab is proud to present the most recent addition to the roster – our long-range missile solution, RBS15 Gungnir. Designed to dominate the littoral environment, Gungnir can also operate effectively in blue water and on land.


RBS15 Gungnir

Utilising the RBS15 Mk4

RBS15 Gungnir, utilising the RBS15 Mk4 anti-ship missile, is the next generation of the family. More than just an anti-ship missile, Gungnir can integrate with aircraft, ships and trucks to provide a complete system solution.

RBS15 missile journey

Follow RBS15 Gungnir on a mission with our interactive infographic

Advance adaptability

More than a anti-ship missile, Gungnir is a solution that effortlessly integrates with pre-existing infrastructure to fulfil tomorrow’s requirements. With the added benefit of Saab’s expertise, through-life support and adaptability, you will be confident that Gungnir is the right system for your future defence needs.


Precision promised

With smarter autonomous technology, RBS15 Gungnir guarantees precision. The solution also offers advanced decision support and the ability to discriminate and engage targets in more complex scenarios than ever before in the most adverse weather.

Evolutionary warfare enhancements

RBS15 Gungnir offers the capabilities for future needs. With an impressive range of over 300 km of sea-skimming flight, all-weather capability and an improved radar target seeker – the result of decades of research and development – Gungnir will enable you to lead the way, whatever tomorrow holds.

Engage from air, sea and land


RBS15 Gungnir is available as a complete turn-key solution for air-, sea-, or land-based platforms.

RBS15 Gungnir Air System
  • RBS15 Mk4 Air missiles
  • Adds anti-ship capability to Saab’s Gripen
  • Can integrate with a range of other aircraft
RBS15 Gungnir Sea System
  • RBS15 Mk4 Surface missiles
  • Integrates with craft of almost any size
  • Flexible onboard placement
RBS15 Gungnir Land System
  • RBS15 Mk4 Surface missiles
  • Integrates with existing command network
  • Highly scalable

RBS15 Mk3

Engagements in the littoral zone can be fraught with difficulty. Based on over 70 years expertise and trusted around the world, RBS15 Mk3 is today’s answer to the myriad of possible threats and obstacles, such as adverse weather and clutter. It ensures that you are ready for today, but it also prepares you for tomorrow.

A long-term partner

To keep your operations optimised, we offer tailored support throughout RBS15 Mk3’s service life, along with the ability to maintain full national control of the system.

We also provide our insight and support, allowing the technology to be adapted to suit specific requirements.

The best-in-class missile

Drive, expertise and trust are at the heart of everything we do. With incredible range and warhead, an exceptional all-weather active radar target seeker and pioneering electronic protection, RBS15 Mk3 is the standout smart solution.

Dominate and deploy from every area

RBS15 Mk3’s state-of-the-art tracking and targeting technology ensures your all-terrain advantage, giving you the ability to coordinate attacks from sea and land.

With a flexible trajectory of 200 km, advanced decision support and smart autonomous technology, you can be confident you will hit the target from any area.

Market-leading missile range

The RBS15 family’s market-leading range and warhead ensure that your forces can go the distance.

Partnering to protect tomorrow

The RBS15 solution is produced and marketed by Saab and Diehl Defence, Germany. With through-life support and ground-breaking operational flexibility, RBS15 adapts to specific requirements, ensuring supremacy today and tomorrow.

Swedish Armed Forces joint anti-ship exercise

In 2020, the Swedish Armed Forces conducted a joint anti-ship exercise from land, sea and air, firing RBS15 missiles from a Gripen, Visby-class corvette and coastal defence vehicle

Video - 3:18

Did you know...

Saab has more than 70 years of experience in developing anti-ship missiles. The history of RBS15 stretches back more than 40 years and is considered a world-leading solution for modern navies around the world.

  • 'Gungnir' is the name of Odin’s spear in Norse mythology, known for never missing its targets
  • RBS15 was initially developed in the late 1970s to be equipped on Norrköping-class missile boats
  • The first air-launched version of RBS15 is called RBS15F and was introduced in 1982
RBS15 is used by 7 nations over the world, including Sweden, Germany and Croatia
RBS15 Gungnir

A missile system fit for the future

Modern warfare is changing at a rapid pace and forces can no longer make do with missile systems that might struggle to face up to tomorrow’s threats. To combat this problem, Saab has implemented a hands-on design, development and support process to provide clients with a truly future-proof missile system – the RBS15 Gungnir.

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