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Gripen Design and Development Network - GDDN

Gavião Peixoto (SP)

The Gripen Design and Development Network (GDDN) was inaugurated in November 2016 adn it is the hub for technology transfer and development of the fighters in Brazil. Both Brazilian and Swedish engineers work at the GDDN, developing the Gripen E/F in areas such as vehicle systems, aeronautical engineering, airframe design, systems installation, system integration, avionics, human-machine interface and communications.

Through the GDDN, the Brazilian Gripen Programme will provide significant autonomy for the local air force, including logistic support and the integration of weapons and systems, thus consolidating a major improvement in FAB's capabilities for aircraft development.

The GDDN provides secure connection between Saab in Sweden, which enables the joint execution of Gripen's development, testing and verification, and support system projects in this environment.

The site also includes simulators for the development of the new fighter jets in Brazil. The S-Rig, short for Systems-Rig, inaugurated at the GDDN in 2019, is the first Gripen development simulator outside of Sweden that supports development, integration tests, and verification of systems and subsystems. The S-rig also supports the activities of the Gripen Flight Test Center to prepare pilots before flight tests.

The GDDN is fundamental for the entire Gripen operation in Brazil, as it has the necessary structure for the aircraft to be continuously updated, with the incorporation of new capabilities. Furthermore, it provides training in Brazil for the integration of new weapons and sensors throughout the life cycle of the aircraft.