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Live Training

Forewarned is forearmed. Our live training simulator systems provide everything needed for swift analysis and evaluation of soldier skills and tactical behaviour.

Key features

Covers the individual up to and beyond brigade level
Helps to prepare, plan, execute, control and evaluate exercises
A host of expansion packs for more diverse training

Comprehensive confidence-building

Live training

Our live training concept covers all training needs, from the individual up to and beyond brigade level. The system base is modular and scalable, making it easy to configure your precise requirements.

Enabling a training-ready environment

Live training

The Combat Training Centre (CTC), which monitors every step and action in the training session is the heart of our training solutions. The CTC is available as a mobile container, which can be deployed at the point of need or as a fixed solution to be placed at a stationary location. With support of up to 10 000 participants and an area coverage of up to 40*40 km. The CTC can be tailor-suited for your specific needs.

Train as you fight

Live training

The system provides realistic simulations that allow individuals to train as they fight. The simulators are interoperable with MILES equipment and suit small- and large-scale training.

Observer / Controller Toolbox


This app makes the Observer/Controller tasks easier and more accurate by providing unprecedented situational awareness and real-time tactical overview in the field. The WE:ARE app offers the same type of tactical overview as EXCON, out in the field.


Unit valuation

The WE:Observe data collection system is an app that enables O/Cs to make primary subjective performance observations. Field observations are aggregated with objective data from the Saab GAMER System to give a holistic measurement of training performance.


Gunnery training

The app tracks up to 8 individual gunners and monitors their shooting and aiming performance. It keeps track of the timing from laser ranging to fire for each individual shot and presents hit results in near real time.


Simulator Configuration

This tool is the standard software for setup and configuration of simulator equipment. The functions include setup and change of simulation parameters as well as retrieval of logged exercise data.


First-class EXCON

The EXCON’s suite of interoperable software tools is designed to help prepare, plan, execute, control and evaluate exercises. It offers detailed, accurate and rapid feedback as well as comprehensive after-action review.


Scalability for needs-based configurations

The system is modular and scalable to support all exercises and levels. It can be used for individual, squad or platoon levels up to and beyond brigade combat team level.

High-performance communications

Live fire training
The communication system is also scalable up to and beyond brigade level. It can handle over 400 events per second and provides the highest update rates and security without losing data.

Expansion packs

Our expansion pack series supports all types of armed troops and weapon calibres, from individual/crew to collective forces training.

Gunnery and combat expansion training

Gunnery precision must be pinpoint. Our integrated precision gunnery package perfectly transitions from skills to tactical training, and supports from individual to platoon and troop level.

Live training
Our urban training package adds the capability of implementing an urban environment within the exercise box. Units can seamlessly train the full spectrum of fire and manoeuvre, from open to urban terrain.
Live training
Our medical training package can be performed during exercises by using our WE:Treat handheld computer in the field for simulated examination and treatment of soldiers.

The ManPack family


Enable instrumented military training exercises for hundreds of players with our cutting-edge ManPack family of solutions.

Real-time connection

For our LVC package, we adopt the latest in gaming technology and use different products when developing customer solutions. Examples of this are the integration of VBS, Steel Beast, Unity3D and Microsoft HoloLens into live training.

Live fire training
Our combat support package integrates mortar simulators, UAVs, C2 systems and artillery as players in live tactical training.
CBRN training
A virtual CBRN area is defined in EXCON and distributed to the players via the instrumentation system. The fields are updated according to the wind speed and direction.

Training to expect the unexpected

Live training

The Counter-IED (C-IED) training package has a unique and progressive feedback system to measure and validate an individual’s use of C-IED equipment, squad command and control, and the overall Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) employed – previously this was solely addressed by an instructor’s subjective judgement.

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