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Training and simulation support

Training Services

Saab has a long-established reputation for providing excellent value and operational confidence to our customers, and we are very proud of our long-term supplier agreements and partnerships, with some going back over two decades.

Key features

Maximizes training and system value
Adaptable solutions for optimal performance
Contractor Logistic and Contractor Operational Support

Support where it counts

Training and simulation support

Saab has extensive experience of delivering fixed-price services evaluated on the lowest life cycle cost. This means that customers have cost control at every stage of the product support life cycle.

Our training services – including fixed installations to man-portable and deployable training solutions – are designed to optimise service delivery. This covers the whole range of customer needs, from provision of spare parts and repairs to fully embedded operational support products.

Personalised provision

In our fast-moving world, training needs and technology are constantly evolving. At Saab, our focus is on bringing our customers support and services, which improve performance and reduce training costs – solutions that make a real difference in day-to-day operations.

Contractor Logistic support

Saab’s in-service support ensures smooth and efficient training delivery that maximises the value of training systems. Our wide experience gained from different customer projects and in-depth knowledge of our products enables us to offer guaranteed system availability at a fixed price.Our extensive experience in Contractor Logistic Support (CLS) services ensures system availability to enhance the benefits of training for our customers.

CLS includes all levels of assistance, and is provided throughout the active support life cycle stages – from spare part handling and preventative and corrective maintenance, to system setup and field support.

Contractor Operational support

Our employees are deployed across the globe, delivering award-winning Contractor Operational Support (COS) to our customers.

We have a forward-thinking approach to delivering embedded operational support relieves military personnel of many administrative tasks, so they can concentrate on core business.

Our understanding of training and our professionalism in the field add significant value to our services. We guarantee to complement your training organisation through partnership and tailor the level of operational support to meet your specific needs.

Contractor Engineering support

At Saab, engineering support means closing the gap between existing system functionality and the ever-developing training needs of the user. CES, when provided in-service by Saab, supports customers through upgrades and modifications of hardware and software, under strict configuration control.

Did you know...

Saab has a long history of delivering top quality training services. Here are some interesting facts about our training services you may not already know.

  • The Combat Training Centre contracts for Netherlands, Finland and Norway was won in competition based on lowest life cycle cost to a fixed price
  • Saab has more than 2000 man-years experience in delivering local support to the customer
  • Saab has trained more than 100 000 people in Counter IED training in Afghanistan

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Hans Lindgren
Head of Business Development

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