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Saab Global
Soldier with Carl-Gustaf M4 and FCD 558 and thermal sight.


From leading weapon systems for dismounted infantry, anti-armour weapons, cutting-edge weapon locating systems, world class signature management technology, to self-protection for land vehicles, Saab has a comprehensive land domain portfolio on offer. The products include Carl-Gustaf M4, AT4, radars like Arthur and Giraffe 1X, Mobile Camouflage System, LEDS, Fiber Optics Gyros and more.

The Carl-Gustaf weapon system has been in use with the Indian Army for decades. The Carl-Gustaf M4 is the latest, lighter version of the man-portable anti-tank system. It offers greater flexibility, weighs less than 7 kg, and is compatible with all existing and future ammunition. The AT4 family consists of multiple lightweight, man-portable, fully disposable weapons. The range includes anti-armour, anti-structure and anti-personnel/high-explosive weapons.

Arthur is a highly mobile weapon locating system, tactically deployed close to the forward line of own troops. Within the battlefield sectors or areas of interest it will rapidly detect and track artillery projectiles and calculate points of origin and points of impact. Giraffe 1X, Saab’s small, lightweight, yet powerful 3D radar, is a short-range radar designed primarily for Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD). It provides an early warning of incoming rockets, mortars, drones, missiles, and asymmetric attacks and can be operated by a single user.