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RBS15 Mk3

What makes the RBS15 Mk3 the ideal anti-ship missile of choice for countries in the Baltic region?

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As the RBS15 was developed to help defend the small and neutral Sweden, with a strategic location and very close proximity to potential aggressors, it is perfectly suited to any country in the Baltic region.

The RBS15 anti-ship missile in harsh weather in the archipelago

The RBS15 anti-ship missile system can be used in many conflict levels and in asymmetric engagements, but has been designed for the worst-case scenario of symmetric conflict against a powerful and capable adversary. Thus the system has to be operational at all times, whenever a potential attack may occur. In harsh weather with low visibility and in hostile electronic warfare environments where GPS and other support systems are unavailable, the missile is advanced enough to provide full operational capability despite these hardships and still deliver a punch with its large and powerful warhead.

“The latest version, the RBS15 Mk3, gives the user options and possibilities that competing systems cannot. It offers the ability to utilize a range of more than 200 km to attack enemies from multiple angles using multiple 3D waypoints. The range combined with unlimited over-land strike capability enables ships to project power deep inland and land-based systems to provide cover for smaller and less capable units on land and at sea. Multiple firing units and platforms can coordinate their attacks with a synchronized time on target, striking targets from multiple directions at the same time”, says Mats-Olof Rydberg, Head of Marketing and Sales at Saab´s Business Unit Missile Systems.

The robust and autonomous all-weather capability allows the missile to be used whenever circumstances demand it, day or night, rain or shine; the RBS15 Mk3 is always ready to serve. The ultra-low sea-skimming flight altitude is automatically adapted based on the wave height, thereby contributing to usability for long range engagements and increasing the defence penetration capability. The system is ideally suited for rough climates, designed for operation around the globe in environments ranging from the frozen arctic to the hot and humid equator.

“Robust operation means the missile will retain its operational effectiveness, in bad weather and despite hostile electronic counter-measures like jamming. While some competing products rely on GPS availability or data-links that can easily be jammed, the RBS15 Mk3 can benefit from those systems without being dependent on them – a crucial difference in hostile environments. Throughout the years Saab's products have helped protect and defend sovereignty for customers around the globe, and we believe the RBS15 Mk3 can do the same for countries in this demanding region”, concludes Mats-Olof.