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Pablo Gomez

There is always an opportunity to develop at Saab

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A former colleague tipped off Pablo Gomez about applying for a job at Saab, and today he has no regrets about following that advice. “There is always an opportunity to develop, something new to learn at Saab,” he says.

After many years in the Swedish telecom industry, Pablo Gomez was facing a choice in life. Would he be able to continue his career as a production technician for advanced electronics equipment, when the company he was working for downsized?

Then Saab emerged as an opportunity.

“A former colleague advised me to come to Saab, which was looking for employees with my background. People with technical knowledge in the production of electronic equipment such as printed circuit boards (PCBs) were needed,” says Pablo.

Works with surveillance systems

Pablo is actually a trained engineer in chemical engineering, but it was electronics manufacturing that became his career path. After working with base stations and telecom systems at Ericsson, he now works within Saab’s Surveillance Systems business area in Järfälla, north of Stockholm.

Pablo Gomez

“I am part of the production process for circuit boards and other electronic equipment that are installed in Saab's various products within Surveillance. For example, it can be in ground radar systems or systems installed in aircraft,” he explains.

The link between the designer and the operator

Pablo’s duties include preparing the production of printed circuit boards. In this role he is the link between the designers’ drawings and the operators who handle the machines that put the components into place on the circuit board.

“I write the instructions and program the pick-and-place machines so that everything works optimally during production,” he says. “It also means that I have daily contact with both the designers and the machine operators to see if we need to change any parameters in the production. It is great to be able to go in depth in the technical field but still be creative and innovative.”

Inclusive company culture

Pablo says he appreciates Saab’s company culture. He thinks it’s easy to communicate with team members, colleagues and managers.

“We have a culture that supports collaboration; it's not so hierarchical.”

As soon as Pablo set foot in Saab just over two years ago, he experienced a welcoming culture, such as the company’s comprehensive employee induction programme.

“I was assigned a mentor who followed my progress during my first year. We still have contact sometimes,” he says.

Likes to cycle and exercise

In his spare time, Pablo devotes a great deal to his family and to various forms of exercise. He has a daughter aged twelve, a son of 31 and three grandchildren. Often, both the family and the exercise combine, such as when he is cycling with his daughter or son. Though sometimes he thinks it’s nice to just be alone.

“When I sit on my mountain bike, I am alone with myself and my thoughts. It is liberating for me to completely let go of everything.”

About Pablo

Age: 55
Family: Two children aged 12 and 31; three grandchildren.
When I’m not working: Likes running (“occasionally I participate in races”), cycling, (“both on-road and off-road”) and spending time with the family (“I often drive my daughter to her swimming training.”)
Watches: Science programmes on TV.
Last book read: “Stockholm in pictures”
What does Saab’s core value expertise mean to you? That we have a lot of talented people in the company.
The best thing about working at Saab: A friendly, cooperative culture. There’s always something new to learn, and the possibility to develop yourself through different training programmes.