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Making awareness a national asset

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Predicting the nature and scope of future conflicts and security challenges is extremely difficult. But one thing is for sure, to safeguard the people, integrity, security and economy of a nation you must always be in control and aware of what is going on – in the air, on the ground, and at sea. Here you can read more about how Saab provides such awareness!

In today’s increasingly complex and fast changing world, threats are symmetric, asymmetric, evolving, constantly adapting and ever more difficult to detect. Demands on the systems and strategies that nations rely on to drive awareness and safeguard people and society are extremely high. To stay ahead of these threats you need the ability to detect, identify and track a wider variety of objects over an extended range and in all domains – air, sea and land.

The most modern and advanced solution – available today

This is exactly what GlobalEye, Saab’s Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) system solution, provides. A multi-domain solution with a mix of modern active and passive sensors, long-range detection and the ability to detect and track objects in the air, at sea and on land.

As the most modern and advanced airborne early warning and control solution available on the market today, it ensures that a nation’s air, maritime and ground forces can benefit greatly from having a true and joint picture, allowing them to sustain operations with minimum wear and tear. This in turn means less guesswork and that decisions can be made based on fast and accurate information.

Up to the task

Traditionally, a nation’s operational airborne surveillance and identification capacity would require multiple aircraft, each of which is responsible for contributing its piece of the puzzle to a command centre and a higher overall picture. Creating a common situational picture and adequate decision support in hostile and contested environments, where the time from observation to action is becoming increasingly shorter, demands more. Traditional solutions are simply not sufficient.

When dealing with modern threats and today’s rapid continuous change, highly adaptable, broad capability solutions - such as the GlobalEye AEW&C - are a must for creating the situational awareness required. GlobalEye is up to the task, not only by supporting national defence and security, but also thanks to its ability to complement and enhance traditional static legacy surveillance solutions.

Multi-role in a single solution

So what is it that makes GlobalEye so great? In short, the long-range, swing-role surveillance capability with a robust multi-role ability within a single solution. The aircraft has a fully integrated sensor suite that includes the Erieye ER AESA surveillance radar, an electro-optical (EO) sensor, an EO/IR turret and a lower fuselage maritime radar.

This diversity of sensors can detect, identify and track a large number of objects simultaneously, including stealthy airborne and maritime targets, anything from jet skis and rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs) to submarine periscopes. In short, everything that is required for creating a true picture of a situation.

The advantage of shared knowledge

The capabilities offered by GlobalEye AEW&C aircraft are particularly valuable for forces likely to be counteracted by challenges from a larger adversary. In such situations, GlobalEye will create, maintain and continuously update the air, sea and ground situational pictures and share them with friendly forces. This means that sensors and assets can share information and situational pictures effectively and rapidly, and even act on target data from another asset. If needed, GlobalEye can also act as a command centre for these forces.

In peace, crisis or war

Today, but perhaps more importantly, in the future, national and global security challenges require awareness based on access to and provision of timely and accurate information to national authorities in order to maintain peace and stability. GlobalEye is the only AEW&C solution on the market today that can provide such long-range air, sea and land surveillance in real time from a single platform. This means it can effectively support government and military forces with real time information – whether in times of peace, crisis or war.

Making awareness a truly strategic asset

With simultaneous air, maritime and ground surveillance, and the ability to change roles dynamically while airborne and during missions, GlobalEye provides a unique surveillance capability that makes situational awareness a powerful and vital strategic asset. Not only in wartime operations but also in peacetime events.

Strength at national level

Whether the goal is to ensure national or international territorial integrity and security, access to an airborne suite of sensors is key. By adding GlobalEye to the toolbox, the effectiveness of other resources can be enhanced and a nation’s ability to maintain the strategic and tactical upper hand over air, sea and land will be dramatically improved. That way, the awareness provided by GlobalEye can benefit an entire nation.

Passive sensor capabilities

Being a valuable national asset, special mission aircraft such as the GlobalEye AEW&C need to be able to defend their integrity and security in today’s shifting threat environments. Therefore, GlobalEye is also equipped with a cutting-edge passive sensors suite based upon our newest generation of common core multi-domain EW systems. It includes, for instance, ultra-wide band digital receivers as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) for robust signal processing and analysis.

Designed to evolve

As new threats evolve and increase the levels of risk by exposing national security concerns and operations to additional pressure, GlobalEye will also evolve and deliver the situational awareness and preparedness required for safeguarding people, integrity, security and economy of the nation in a longer perspective.