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Aware and ahead

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Predicting the nature and scope of future conflicts and security challenges is extremely difficult. One thing is for sure, threats will become smarter, faster and increasingly move across domains. To safeguard people and nations under such conditions, you need the ability to provide persistent early warning and timely trusted information over multiple domains. This is exactly what GlobalEye airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) provides – the key capabilities for creating a multi-domain advantage.

When GlobalEye was launched a few years ago it was not only the first truly multi-domain airborne early warning and control solution on the market. It also for ever changed the concept of airborne surveillance. It made it possible to solve a nation's common surveillance needs from a single platform that allow for multi-domain surveillance and cross domain exchange of information, bringing decision makers closer together and increasing the ability to see and act first.

Covering three domains

With its unique mix of modern active and passive sensors GlobalEye can simultaneously detect and track large number of objects in the air, at sea and over land. This, together with its ability to exchange large amounts of information in real-time, makes GlobalEye a strategic resource for military operations as well as regular airborne surveillance missions.

GlobalEye can detect, identify and track all kinds of targets – even in severe clutter and challenging jamming conditions – from traditional aircraft of all sizes, fighters, cruise missiles and helicopters to stealthy airborne and maritime targets, including anything from jet skis and rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs), submarine periscopes and even surface object. GlobalEye can also detect smaller entities, also from great distances, which necessary for detecting new, low-observable flying objects and asymmetric threats.

The fully integrated sensor suite includes the high-performing Erieye ER AESA surveillance radar, an additional AESA maritime surveillance radar on the underside of the fuselage and  an electro-optical (EO) sensor.


One solution, multiple roles

GlobalEye airborne early warning and control combine long-range, multi-role surveillance capabilities with a robust swing-role ability in a single solution. This means that GlobalEye can operate in several dedicated and fully optimized roles as well as in a multitude of combined roles. But that is not all. It can also change instantly between these roles at any time during an on-going mission, utilising on-board sensors and command and control capabilities to create the most beneficial mission effect.

Rapidly adapting to mission dynamics

This multi-role capability means that all tactical functions are simultaneously accessible from any operator workstation. This ensures that the operator can at any time during a mission, use any of the tactical tools. The mission system also provides a high degree of automatic system support for all tactical applications, giving the crew the advantage of rapid adaption to the dynamics of the mission.

As the most modern and advanced airborne surveillance solutions on the market, GlobalEye ensures that a nation’s air, maritime and ground forces can benefit greatly from having a true and joint picture, allowing operations with minimum wear and tear. Which in turn means less guesswork and decisions made on instant and accurate information.

True and complete picture

Mission success requires not only the ability to detect and track objects, but also the ability to rapidly collect, disseminate and make sense of large amounts of complex data and turn it into accurate, highly reliable, real-time information providing commanders with the decision support they need to carry out their missions successfully.

GlobalEye’s combination of multiple sensors and sophisticated data fusion, in an intuitive mission system does precisely that. It has the power to process massive volumes of data and to analyse and disseminate it in an automated and efficient way, providing all the data and insights required for creating a true and complete situational picture. A higher level of awareness, with the ability to minimize the time from detection to action.

Information is key

GlobalEye can collect, process, and distribute information and makes it easy to effectively share information with everyone involved in an operation. It can even direct and manage other assets and let them know when and where to act, making shared knowledge the common strength.

Maximising joint forces operations

The diversity of sensors and GlobalEye’s ability to provide secure, real-time exchange of information between co-operating tactical units, makes way for the nation’s air, maritime and ground forces to benefit greatly. Not only from being able to detect threats sooner, but also from making faster, more accurate decisions based on secure, real-time exchange of information.
This first-to-know capability means more agile and precise actions ensuring improved mission effect.

In peace, crisis or conflicts

The need, both military and civil, for an airborne surveillance system that can cover air, sea and land remains undiminished and based on our experience of supplying the AEW&C sector for decades we see no change in that need. GlobalEye offers a unique surveillance capability and provide decades of capability as you would expect from a system seen as a national security asset. GlobalEye makes situational awareness a vital strategic resource – whether in times of peace, crisis or conflicts.

Making technology make a difference

Saab have more than sixty years in the forefront of sensor technology development creating powerful applications and game-changing innovations.
GlobalEye combines Saab’s expertise in sensors, complex systems integration and command and control systems into one unified solution, and it is an example of what can be achieved when world leading systems integration meets world-leading systems and technologies.
By continuously challenging the unknown and by an evolutionary approach to technology, Saab is constantly pushing human and technological boundaries and dedicated in its quest to make technology make a difference.