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Working with Gripen E - A lifestyle choice

2 min read + Video

A lot has been talked about the capabilities of the new Gripen E fighter - its split avionics, advanced electronic warfare system, improved range, world class weapon system, reliable countermeasures system, modern human machine collaboration, cost-efficiency and so on. What has been less discussed is the people behind the fighter of tomorrow.


Saab has released a new video representing people behind the scenes. It is the dedication and commitment of these people that the Gripen E programme is running on schedule. In this video, Saab employees talk about their journey at Saab and what Gripen means to them.

30-years-old Tommy Ljung, Systems Engineer/Project Leader, for instance, is a third-generation employee who takes pride in the fact that both his father and grandfather were Saab employees as well. “Since I started at Saab, quite a lot has happened. I am a proud father of two, and now I have a Volvo and a house,” he says with a gleaming pride in his eyes.

57-year-old Aircraft Technician, Bengt Lindstrom, looks back at the day when Gripen was presented in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “We towed the plane a whole day through the streets of Rio, and there were a lot of people around, so that was a special experience,” he remembers, with a big smile on his face. “The joy I have together with my colleagues to experience Gripen as a product, to see how the technology has developed over the years is everything,” he adds.

42-year-old Anexandra Sagebro, a Manager, remember the day Gripen E first soared in the sky for the first time. The day stands out as one of the best days of her career. “It was so smooth when we took off. It was a fantastic feeling. That day is hard to beat,” she says.