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Bringing live training to the maritime domain

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Saab has for decades delivered some of the most technologically advanced and appreciated military training solutions for land forces. A natural step in the evolution is to expand the offer and enable these solutions for the maritime domain.

This will enable soldiers within littoral and amphibious domains to conduct military exercises with the same realism and immediate feedback as land forces around the globe are already experiencing. It also provides these domains with enhanced ability to be included in large-scale military exercises.

Maritime operations are a key component within the joint training environment and require equal levels of instrumentation and focus. This need is reflected in recent orders from US Marine Corps to supply them their future Live instrumentation training capability.

Maritime Live Training
Maritime Live Training
Enabling more including exercises

Saab’s Live Training solution is used by leading military and law enforcement organisations around the world, supporting training from individual to major collective task force activities, enhancing their force readiness. By including the maritime domain in our Live Training solutions opens up to include littoral and amphibious forces in large-scale exercises encompassing up to 10,000 entities.

Realistic, interoperable training

Saab understands military and law enforcement training requirements and provides world class training solutions to support all phases of the training cycle. Our high-fidelity interoperable Gunnery & Manoeuvre Exercise (GAMER) solution facilitates a professional training environment and a realistic training experience, as close to the real mission scenario as possible.

Solutions already in use

Saab has a long history of delivering military training. With decades of innovation and leadership in the area of live training, our high-fidelity interoperable GAMER suite, including e g Manpack 300, WinEXCON, Compact Ballistic Laser (CBL) and Modular Target System (MTS) are already operated by customer nations around the world, meaning that our maritime live training will be based on proven solutions.