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Live fire training

Live Fire Training

In the heat of battle, skill and reliability through precision firing can make all the difference. Our Live Fire Training suite shapes troops to turn the tide of battle.

Key features

Training for all armed troops and calibres
Designed for all levels of training
Special emphasis on individual precision

Live Fire Training System

Our Live Fire Training solutions are based on more than 60 years’ experience of designing, delivering and operating systems worldwide. Our experience ensures that these high-fidelity training systems are state-of-the-art, proven and low-risk technical solutions.

Live fire Training
Live fire
Live Fire Training allows troops to learn how to use their weapons, individually or within a unit. Our solutions, including targetry and range equipment for gunnery, force-on-target and urban training, will perfect individual skill and tactical behavior.

Saab’s leading Exercise Management Systems offers intuitive, flexible and user-friendly tools for range operators, instructors and trainees. Features include programming automated scenarios, target control, data collection, online status and hit presentation, hit reports, and after-action review and range troubleshooting.

Live Fire Scenarios and Target Systems

Live fire Training

We offer troops realistic live fire scenarios, without compromising on safety. Our unsurpassed installed base of targetry and range equipment features everything needed to optimise troop learning and experience, including high realism, superb flexibility and simple control.

Our offer includes moving and stationary infantry and armour targets, lifter systems for all environments and accessories. These pave the way for realistic live fire scenarios at field ranges or regions of deployment.

We offer target systems for large-calibre weapons, infantry lifters for field and urban operations training as well as friend-or-foe targets for close-combat training.

Live Fire Precision Scoring

Today’s more complex and challenging operations place greater demands on the ability to evaluate live fire at all levels, especially individual skills.

Live fire training
Grouping of fire and immediate feedback are foundations for basic weapon skills training.

We offer a range of reliable and cost-effective precision scoring systems for marksmanship ranges and field firing. This system provides automatic and instant feedback of hit location and dispersion of rounds. The shooter can thereby immediately take corrective action without having to move up to the target.

The system allows trainees to fire from different angles on stationary as well as moving targets without compromising on accuracy.

Carl-Gustaf ODT

Did you know...

Saab has a great history in developing live fire training solutions. Today we offer a complete live fire training solution, stretching from infantry to armor targets.

  • We have developed target systems since early 1960’s
  • Over the years, we have delivered more than 30 000 targets to 25 countries world wide
  • Some of the targets we've delivered 40 years ago are still in operation


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