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Live fire training

Live Fire Training

In the heat of battle, skill and reliability through precision firing can be the difference between success and failure. Our Live Fire Training suite shapes troops to turn the tide of battle.

Key features

Training for all armed troops and calibres
Designed for all levels of training
Special emphasis on individual precision

Live Fire Training System

For over half a century, we have supported armies worldwide with systems for live fire training. We support all types of armed troops and weapon calibres, from individual and crews to collective forces and platoon combat training. Our offer comprises an extensive portfolio of products that are configurable to unique systems, meeting every customers’ specific needs.

Marksmanship and qualification

All of our live fire training systems have a mechanical hit sensor that registers hits and commands targets to stay down after a preset number of hits.

To enhance training effectiveness, a Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH) bar can be connected to shooting targets to register location of hits and misses. This instantly provides results back to the soldier on their scoring monitor, eliminating the need to move to the target to collect results.

Judgement training

For infantry targets, we have a swivel add-on to rotate the target <0.3 s, providing reaction shooting capability. Both sides of the target can be programmed to appear, one showing friendlies and the other enemy forces. This requires the shooter to exercise judgement before engaging the target.

Armour gunnery ranges

With a full range of stationary and moving targetry products, representing enemies, friendlies, vehicles and civilians, we can design and deliver gunnery training and ranges for every mechanised force.

Our tailored firing ranges can include thermal imaging and animation of effects, such as fire, hit and battle sound effects.

Field firing and manoeuvre training

Our targets can be used in realistic environments to support applied training, from pairs/fire teams up to company level. Exercises include movement and firing, coordinating fire control, quick battle orders, target acquisition and ammunition use.

Urban operations training

The swivel target is also ideal for urban operations. Adding a multitarget holder allows you to mount target in congested spaces like under windows and the sides of door posts. The target can be programmed to swing out into a doorway or rise up from beneath a window where standard pop-up motions are impossible.

Live Fire Tactical Training

We can give troops the chance to experience the elements of live fire in realistic scenarios, without compromising on safety. Our unsurpassed installed base of targetry and range equipment features everything you will need to optimise your troops’ learning and experience, including high realism, superb flexibility and simple control.

Our range includes moving and stationary infantry and armour targets, lifter systems for all training environments and accessories. This paves the way for realistic live fire scenarios at field ranges or regions of deployment.

We offer target systems for large-calibre weapons, infantry target lifters for urban training and close-combat firing ranges, as well as a laser-based, automated friend-or-foe shoot-back system.

With our powerful planning, control and evaluation tools, exercise preparation is safe, simple and swift.

With stationary, portable and easy-to-use control systems and support tools, the exercise leader(s) can also effectively analyse and present information generated during firing practice or combat training, as well as conduct rapid reviews during and after sessions. These systems can also be configured to tablets, PCs, ruggedised radios/radio networks or complete Graphic Range Control.

Finally, we have a range of accessories to increase realism and value, such as thermal panels, battle effects simulators, pyrotechnical devices, non-contact hit/miss scoring systems, video solutions, target silhouettes and motion sensors.

Live Fire Precision Scoring

Today’s more complex and challenging operations place greater demands on the ability to evaluate live fire at all levels, especially individual skills.

We offer a range of reliable and cost-effective precision scoring systems for field firing. Easy to configure, they allow trainees to fire from different angles without compromising on accuracy.

Grouping of fire is a foundation for basic weapon skills training. A precision scoring system gives you automatic and instant feedback of hit location and dispersion of rounds.

The shooter can immediately take corrective action without having to move up to the target.


Our ground-breaking and versatile Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH) system has a unique, patented cluster configuration and acoustic sensor design.

Live fire training
The sensor works as an add-on module to our target lifters, and control and monitoring are integrated in Saab’s Range Control Software.

The 3D sensor clusters provide superior maintained accuracy to record supersonic projectiles from various angles. This unique capability makes it especially suitable for precision scoring on deployable systems and with varying firing positions.

LOMAH’s design minimises the need for set-up and calibration. LOMAH is available in a configuration with a width of 700 mm infantry-sized targets and hit/miss detection of 4x3 m.and a 3000 mm width configuration for stationary and moving armoured targets, and has a hit/miss detection area of 12x5 m.

Unique capabilities include:
  • Calculation of time between rounds for a rate of fire up to 3,000 rounds per minute, and round velocity at target.
  • Outstanding robustness and accuracy in real (live) environment. Performs in rain, snow, dust and dirt.
  • Incredible accuracy in non-perpendicular fire engagement up to plus 30 degrees. Essential for field firing, moving target applications and close combat. No degradation of accuracy up to 15 degrees shooting angles.
  • Detection probability of 99.9 percent in live environment.

Control and evaluation

Our Graphic Range Controller SW Generation 5 (GRC5 SW) suite has evolved over many years to become the leading tool for range control.

Live fire training

Features include programming automated scenarios, target control, data collection, online status and hit presentation, hit reports, and after-action review and range troubleshooting.

Training support tools

The scoring monitor provides instant feedback to troops when firing on a LOMAH system. Data includes graphic display of hits on target template, projectile location coordinates (x, y) in target plane, mean point of impact (MPI) and dispersion.


Our system can be configured as a man-portable Hand-held Controller or a fixed Range Control Station. Both hardwired and radio-controlled infrastructures are supported, and multiple controllers (clients) can be used in a single network.

Communication infrastructure

Our control and data collection solutions include hardwired control of targets (TCP/IP), radio control of targets via narrow-band radio, mixed-mode for a combination of hardwired and radio, and short-range network (Wi-Fi) between RCS and scoring monitors, or between RCS and HHC.

Carl-Gustaf ODT

Did you know...

Saab has a great history in developing live fire training solutions. Today we offer a complete live fire training solution, stretching from infantry to armor targets.

  • We have developed target systems since early 1960’s
  • Over the years, we have delivered more than 30 000 targets to 25 countries world wide
  • Some of the targets we've delivered 40 years ago are still in operation


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