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Barracuda camouflage increases focus on the US

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With the world facing new threats, Saab's business unit Barracuda is working to ensure that customers in the United States have the advanced camouflage solutions they need.

The world of warfare is constantly evolving. Just a few years ago, the United States Armed Forces were heavily focused on asymmetrical conflicts in desert regions. Now, one of their key ambitions is to prepare for peer-to-peer combat in a wide range of climates and terrains.


As the US military gears up for such new challenges, Saab’s business unit Barracuda is lending a hand. In response to high levels of interest from US decision makers, Saab is participating in multiple trials throughout 2024 – including the  Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE) in Georgia and the ongoing Project Convergence/Capstone 24 at the National Training Center in California The goal is to demonstrate how Saab’s advanced camouflage solutions can help save American lives and provide the US with a technological and tactical edge.

"We also know that the Barracuda product line has the high-performing, multispectral solutions that the US Armed Forces need to avoid detection"
Christer Andersson, Director of Marketing & Sales

“As the US has been transitioning from fighting the War on Terror to preparing for multi-domain operations, we have been receiving a significant number of inquiries about our products,” says Christer Andersson, Director of Marketing & Sales for Saab’s business unit Barracuda. “We know that in the modern battlefield there are more ways than ever before to detect assets, including using drones, satellites and advanced sensors. We also know that the Barracuda product line has the high-performing, multispectral solutions that the US Armed Forces need to avoid detection. And we have been demonstrating this wherever possible.”

Barracuda solutions demonstrated at multiple locations

Christer Andersson says interest has been steadily growing in Barracuda systems over the past few years, particularly the Barracuda Mobile Camouflage System (MCS) which helps military vehicles avoid detection both during movement and while in combat. While other manufacturers are still developing mobile systems, the Barracuda MCS is Technology Readiness Level 9 (TRL9) and has been in operation and continual development for over 25 years. It is combat proven with multiple successful deployments and is trusted by nations across the planet.

One key testing ground for Barracuda systems in the United States is the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE), an annual event in which potential equipment for the US Army is trialled in live exercises. The exercises are staged out of Fort Moore in Georgia and coordinated by the US Army’s Maneuver Battle Lab.


In the AEWE 2023 trials held last year, the Barracuda Soldier System – a lightweight thermal camouflage system for personal use – was assessed. Evaluators provided extremely positive feedback on the system, which is now being further evaluated by the Soldier Enhancement Program (SEP), the Army’s initiative for procuring equipment for dismounted warfighters. Further trials are being carried out in Alaska and Fort Liberty this spring.

Barracuda MCS and ULCAS - The Perfect Match
Video - 00:44

Meanwhile, during the AEWE 2024 trials in February this year, an even wider range of Saab’s systems was evaluated. Besides the Soldier System and Mobile Camouflage System, troops participated with Barracuda’s new Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) system. FSS technology allows warfighters concealed within multispectral nets to communicate using radio signals and to access GPS signals without needing to expose themselves by poking out an antenna or GPS receiver. Units from the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany took in the trials.

Steve Simmerer, Director of Marketing and Sales for Saab US notes that Saab is a respected name in US military circles. “We had excellent results at AEWE 2023, and I think that being selected to come back to AEWE 2024 really speaks to the Army's interest in camouflage and its belief that our product is worthy of further evaluation.”

"...Saab’s Barracuda not only provides extremely advanced products, there’s not another company that can match its wide spectrum of products.”
Steve Simmerer, Director of Marketing and Sales

He adds, “The Army’s FM3-0 field manual published in 2022 refers to the need for signature masking, and camouflage is an important part of that. And Saab’s Barracuda not only provides extremely advanced products, there’s not another company that can match its wide spectrum of products.”

Investment in North America

Another key event where Barracuda systems are being trialled this year is Project Convergence (PC-24), a joint and multinational, two-phase, ‘in-the-dirt’ experiment in March. This is being staged in California at the US Army’s National Training Center at Fort Irwin.

Saab’s latest efforts to demonstrate the benefits of Barracuda systems follows two major deals that strengthened Barracuda’s position in the region.

In October 2022, Saab signed a preferred-supplier agreement with major US Army vehicle supplier Oshkosh Defense. Cooperation is currently underway on integrating the Barracuda MCS onto the Oshkosh Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV). Then in May 2023, it was announced that Saab was partnering with Canadian business Tulmar Safety Systems to produce Barracuda Mobile Camouflage Systems for customers in North America. Tulmar is now assembling MCS units in Ontario using material produced by Saab’s business unit Barracuda in Sweden.

As demand for Barracuda systems in the US increases, Saab is considering a manufacturing partner who can help facilitate assembly on US soil.

Shared values and ambitions

Johan Stjernfeldt, Head of Marketing and Sales at Barracuda, says one of the reasons Saab is a great candidate to supply the US military is the cultural fit. “The US and Sweden have a range of shared values and ambitions,” he says. 

Johan Stjernfeldt
“Customers in the US are often great at explaining exactly what they need for different camouflage applications. And I think Saab has an excellent capacity for listening, taking this on board and providing exactly what’s needed.”
Johan Stjernfeldt, Head of Marketing and Sales

Steve Simmerer sums up the recent work of Saab’s business unit Barracuda this way: “We've seen a tremendous resurgence in interest in camouflage and we're excited to be able to support the US market. Saab’s focus is about keeping people and society safe. That's what we're doing. We're helping to keep our warfighters safe with signature masking.”


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