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Visby-class corvettes 9LV Ceros

9LV Fire Control System

The high performance 9LV FCS provides rapid, reliable engagement against any target in any environment, ranging from asymmetric surface threats to advanced sea-skimming missiles.

The 9LV Fire Control System (FCS) can be provided as an integral part of the 9LV CMS or as a stand-alone fire control solution to be integrated with a third party Combat Management System (CMS). It will suit any new-build or midlife upgrade. The ability to deal with the demands of multiple incoming targets and tight time constraints sets the 9LV FCS apart from the competition.

Visby-class corvettes 9LV Ceros

9LV FCS is a proven solution suitable for all platforms, including patrol vessels, frigates and larger ships.

9LV FCS allows the operator to excel in defending their vessel by:

  • Minimising time of engagement
  • Optimising weapon and sensor usage against multiple threats
  • Enabling rapid designation, search and acquisition phases
  • Reducing operator workload in critical

The main components of the 9LV FCS are:

  • CEROS 200 and EOS 500 fire control directors
  • The Multi-Function Console (MFC) with 9LV FCS hardware and software
  • The available weapons such as a SAM or a gun

CEROS 200 and EOS 500 are combat proven and renowned for being outstandingly accurate. Optimised together with the other parts of the system they provide a sensor-to-shooter cycle that is extremely fast and accurate.

Saab’s Air Defence Coordination (ADC) is much more than a normal threat-evaluation and weapon-assignment function (TEWA/TEWA+). It is a performance-based planning and engagement function for anti-air warfare. ADC uses all combinations of sensors, weapons, and ship manoeuvres, as well as electronic support and countermeasures. This achieves an optimal outcome in any engagement.

ADC is based on probability calculations and optimises survivability by evaluating all possible threat-engagement combinations in real time.
This provides support to operators or executes the engagement in fully automatic mode.

9LV FCS comprises a corresponding Surface Defence Coordination (SDC) against directly attacking surface threats (e.g. an attack by high-speed craft).

9LV FCS also includes support for planning and execution of ASuW and ASW missions with full support for Surface-to-Surface-Missiles (SSM) such as RBS15 and torpedoes such as Saab LWT and HWT.

9LV FCS is based on a modular and open architecture that makes the addition of third party systems efficient and reliable, and enables easy integration of 9LV FCS into any naval vessel and CMS.

Visby-class corvettes 9LV Ceros

Did you know...

... that the fire control system configurations range from:

  • a single EO (Electro-Optical) director connected to a naval gun...
  • ... to the full anti-air warfare (AAW) and anti-surface warfare (ASuW) self-defence suite...
  • ... for a frigate or destroyer.
CEROS 200 and EOS 500 directors are at the heart of the 9LV FCS's sensor-to-shooter cycle.

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