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Secure SOA Enabling Product Suite

The Secure Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Enabling Product Suite is developed to meet commercial, operational and IT security challenges when implementing network enabling capability.

Key features

Provides service and information discovery
Security functions for a distributed environment
Functions for communication adaption

Enabling secure SOA solutions

As the national defence and its command and control structures become more connected and automated, many commanders face problems of information assurance, system integrity and ICT related operational costs. The Secure SOA Enabling Product Suite provides for the need to assure the networked defence capability in the cyber domain.


The Secure SOA Enabling Product Suite makes is possible for loosely coupled services to fulfil functional requirements, allowing run-time service discovery and binding to the most suitable service. It transparently adds a security layer for legacy and COTS applications, with monitoring and control to enable operators to manage security and operational use throughout the network.

The suite includes a management user interface where services and their attributes can be registered, configured and managed. It also provides for integration to legacy communication capabilities.

Benefits include:

  • High security
  • No single point of failure
  • Distributed management
  • Functions in heterogeneous communication networks
  • Minimal impact on legacy systems and development
  • Works independently of operating systems

Saab’s Secure SOA Enabling Product Suite is developed to meet commercial, operational and IT security challenges when implementing network enabling capability. It enables the loosely coupled integration of services, applications, systems and system nodes in a controlled and secure way. Each element of a C4ISTAR* system is enabled to cooperate through a secure network in which services are generated and published.

The suite is hardware, communication and application agnostic and embraces both legacy architecture and the latest network designs. It supports rapid reconfiguration of systems, fast creation of coalitions and flexible information exchange without giving up autonomy or limiting the capabilities of the elements that make up the system. The Secure SOA is optimised for military environments where connectivity cannot be guaranteed and bandwidth can be limited, making optimal use of connection routes, packaging and prioritisation when sending information.

* Command, Control, Communication & Computers and Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance


Visby-class corvettes 9LV Ceros

Did you know…

... that we offer three integration levels: from adding functionality without affecting legacy, to utilisation of the suite’s full potential?

  • The suite includes functionality for service discovery based on metadata, enabling clever application development.
  • Maintaining security in a changing environment is challenging, as users and privileges change on a daily basis.
  • The Secure SOA Enabling Product Suite can also be used to create a security for COTS and legacy systems without affecting those at all.
We offer three integration levels for the suite


Johan Friede
Marketing & Sales

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