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Mission Support System

Today’s rapid changing battlespace with advanced electronic warfare demands pilots to assess complex information prior to flight from air operations control to be able to conduct a comprehensive mission planning. The MSS is a vital companion for this assessment.

Key features

Superior pre-mission situation awareness
Reduced time to airborne that implies enhanced survivability
Comprehensive post mission analysis and reporting

Designed to support air tasking with fighter aircraft

The MSS is a product with different selectable options that integrate tactical information from various intelligence sources, displayed on a common workspace with high-resolution map-support. This allows for efficient team collaboration. With a semi- to fully automatic assessment of the operational parameters, the operators receives a comprehensive support from order to report.

The MSS adopts planning-support for the activities within the tactical loop, part of the OODA (Observe Orient Decide Act) loop. The objective is to provide situational awareness and planning support before execution of missions. After completed mission, the focus is analysis, evaluation and reporting.

The MSS adopts planning-support for the activities within the tactical loop, part of the OODA (Observe Orient Decide Act) loop.

Basic capabilities are:

• Air tasking order handling
• Mission briefing
• Geospatial data retrieval
• Scenario/situational awareness setup
• Planning and rehearsal
• Mission data up-/download to/from aircraft
• Analysis and evaluation
• Debriefing
• Reporting

The MSS workspace with information separation of concern is optimized for team collaboration on single and/or multiple clients. By this, multiple disciplines can contribute simultaneously with their specific set of information to accomplish a comprehensive mission planning.

To enhance the operators’ mission planning capability for a highly complex scenario and to decrease planning time, the MSS optionally provides support for an automatically calculated trajectory.

In addition, an optional AI in MSS uses the experience from previous missions to facilitate an even more autonomous system behaviour.


Did you know?

That Saab Mission Support Systems for Gripen has its roots in the 1990’s with experience from software projects providing mission support for platforms such as Saab Draken (J35), Saab Viggen (J37), Gripen A/B (JAS39), TP84 Hercules (C-130) and Helicopter 14 (NH90).

  • The MSS for the South African Air Force is adapted to their trainer jet Hawk, used for familiarization to the Gripen aircraft.
  • The MSS footprint is adaptable to fit deployment in everything from office environment to station wagon use or in a strict virtualized infrastructure.
  • A derivate of MSS has been adapted to fit the onboard mission planning systems for the Thai HTMS Chakri helicopter carrier.
The Gripen MSS is now in use in 6 different countries.

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