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Environmental & Chemical services

Saab is able to meet the specific needs of customers and their unique products and systems with tailored environmental and chemical expertise. Our services enable maintenance of regulatory compliance, e.g. REACH, CLP, which secures system operational capability. We assist you in fulfilling safe handling and minimized risk during operation and at disposal of products and systems.

Responding to every chemical and environmental challenge

Environmental and chemical expertise
Safe handling
Minimized risk

Saab caters to your specific needs, whether you need a partner who continuously monitors your system´s chemical products from a legal and usage perspective, legal advice, compilation of safety data sheets or employee training regarding the chemical field.

Saab’s environmental and chemical engineers provide tailored services throughout products/systems lifecycle, from specification and development to end-life management.

Gripen E Rio

Common Challenges

  • Complete list of chemical products
  • Knowledge and control over products that require authorization
  • Chemical sources of risk
  • Relevant documents in the environmental and chemical field
  • Environmental plan
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Risk Assessment at Disposal of System (RADS)
Visby Class Corvette

Our Solution

  • Proactive approach
  • Tailored support to your operation needs
  • Assuring compliance throughout a products life cycle – from design to dismantling
  • High competence in legislation in the chemical and environmental area
  • Replacing hazardous chemical products with less hazardous
Gripen dispensing chaff from BOL EW pod


Swedish Armed Forces / Swedish Defence Materiel Administration

  • Airforce units (Gripen including External Storages and AEA, HCP14,
  • HCP15, HCP16, Transport aircraft 84, Aircraft 100 and 102)
  • Logistics equipment (MS530)
  • CB90 (Combat Boat 90)
Hcp 15 Support
Helicopter 15
Combat Boat 90 Next Generation
Combat Boat 90

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Environmental & Chemical services
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