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Aerial Target Services

Good training can help pilots and anti-air defence crew to understand the challenges of modern missions. Great training can achieve far more. Saab supports an extensive variety of training scenarios for both commercial airlines and military forces.
Special Flight Operation
Special Flight Operations

Key features

Vast experience in the complexities of air defence training
Air-to-air and air-to-ground training
Electronic Warfare (EW) and Electronic Protection (EP) training

Technical specifications

We operate Learjet 35 and Mitsubishi MU-2 aircraft. The Learjet 35 can carry external tow winches and/or EW pods. The Mitsubishi MU-2 can carry an internal tow winch or jamming pods. Our aircraft can be flown according to both civilian regulations and military flight plans.

Learjet 35 A (KR-35 A)Mitsubishi (MU-2)
Speed200-308 (/350) KIAS120-250 KIAS
Time on station2-3 hours at low level1.5-2.5 hours at low level
CommunicationVHF/UHF (AM/FM)VHF/UHF (AM/FM)
NavigationVOR/ILS/DME/ADF/transponder/B-Rnav GPSVOR/ILS/DME/ADF/transponder/GPS
Special equipmentOutboard winch, 2 wing stations for pods/winches, onboard jammers and GP&C transponder 2 wing stations for external stores, radar calibration sphere, onboard winch, onboard jammer, GP&C transponder and low power laser reflectors
Tow2 hard targets, 2 sleeve targets or 1 hard and/or 1 sleeve targetSleeve target up to 10 metres in length (replaceable in-flight)
Crew2 pilots, 1-2 system operators1 pilot, 1 system operator

Preparation is everything

Since 1986, we have trained customers in a multitude of commercial and military operations, and provided quality aerial target services for the Swedish Army and Navy. We are a qualified Electronic Warfare (EW) and target towing training operator, providing modern and cost-effective training for Nordic Armed Forces and other air defence customers.

With a long history of providing the very best in air defence training, you can rely on our thinking edge to deliver the solutions that will efficiently prepare your team for any eventuality.

Our capabilities

  • EW and Electronic Protection (EP) training

  • Target tow

  • Adversary flight profiles with or without Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) for AA and AD systems

  • Radar threat emitter simulation for ESM training

  • Radar sphere flight calibration of radar stations

  • Test and evaluation flight-service for defence and industry

Complete training

For customers who require a more comprehensive training package, we offer a combination of EW and target tow. This provides your team with the skills needed to overcome any challenge.

All targets are optimised to provide effective gunnery and missile practice and testing, for both surface-to-air and air-to-air exercises.
Special Flight Operations
Electronic warfare, EW, is a key part of the modern battlefield. It can be used in a wide variety of scenarios, and is becoming increasingly complex.


Safety is always a priority in training exercises. We know that our customers want training to be realistic and demanding, but it also needs to be safe. We work to ensure that the training we provide meets all these criteria. Our priority is to keep you, our personnel and the general public safe, while still offering high-quality training.

We do everything possible to ensure training runs smoothly and efficiently, taking into account the weather, air traffic and the proximity of the general public. Over the last 30 years we’ve worked hard to ensure that all our processes meet even the most stringent rules and regulations, and we continue to strive for further improvements. Not only does this result in efficient, high-quality processes, but it also means we maintain the highest possible safety standards.


Special Flight Operation

Did you know...

  • We have 30+ years of experience in aerial target services. 
  • A Saab flight crew is composed of two pilots and a systems operator.
  • Our headquarters is located at Stockholm Skavsta airport. 

Stories from the field

There’s nothing like being in the enemy’s line of fire to keep you on your toes. For Saab’s Aerial Target Services pilots, this definitely isn’t just any old flying job.
Special Flight Operation
Special Flight Operations

The sky’s the limit

In the age of electronic warfare, the world’s defense forces are looking to Saab's Aerial Target Services for safe training in the cutting-edge technologies used to handle radar and security threats. Here, Jonny Johansson and Henrik Landqvist discuss jamming, target towing, and their extraordinary life in the cockpit.

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Special Flight Operations
Aerial Target Services
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