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Fighter Systems

A modern fighter's objective is to secure airspace and fulfil missions against complex threats, within a broad spectrum of different scenarios. With that in mind, Gripen fighters are designed with smart and easily adaptable technical solutions to be able to dominate the battlespace for decades to come.

Gripen – controlling the battlespace in a changing world

Fighting in modern conflict requires being, persistent and constantly one step ahead of potential threats and opponents. Rapid technological progress has driven the development of longer reach weapons and radars with greater precision, low signature targets and advanced electronic warfare. Air combat is now defined and driven by technology. But it’s also about how to use technology in a smart way. Born to fight a superpower, smart thinking is in the Gripen DNA. We think "smart" is all about what’s on the inside of a fighter, not what’s on the outside. Gripen’s unique avionics architecture is the definition of smart. It might not sound exciting, but it is a game-changer. It means we can reconfigure the inside of Gripen without affecting the airframe. Or put another way, we can rapidly upgrade Gripen’s avionics whenever new technology becomes available. With Gripen you will always have the newest, fastest computers running the latest algorithms, the latest sensors and the most advanced weaponry. It gives you the advantage to see more and act faster than your opponent. In an age where software beats hardware and adaptability beats predictability, Gripen has redefined what it means to fight smart. We fight with technological force. That’s why we call it the Smart Fighter.

Gripen calendar images for download


Gripen calendar 2023

Welcome to the Gripen calendar 2023. This year some of the amazing images have been selected by our fans and followers in our social media channels. We are very happy for everybodies participation. If you like the images, you can click to download them both with or without graphics and use them as a desktop backround if you want.


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Amazing wallpapers for mobile phone and desktop

Make your mobile phone or desktop extra cool with some great wallpapers from us at Saab. Choose your favourite image of Gripen E in action and in different environments.

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