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AIS/VDES Network Solutions

Saab's AIS /VDES Network Solutions offers a combination of best in-class maritime communication solutions and a modern suite of maritime management software provided as a SaaS.

Key features

Customized solutions for different needs
Class-leading maritime communication solutions
Network solutions powered by advanced SaaS
Partner with Saab for a complete AIS Network experience


Pioneering the AIS Standard

In the early 2000s, AIS became a pivotal requirement for larger vessels, effectively managing maritime traffic across our oceans. Saab played a pioneering role in establishing the AIS standard, first in market with a certified AIS transponder. Now, as this proven technology takes its next leap, we are at the forefront of pioneering the future once again. This time we are racing towards VDES.

VDES: Evolution of Communication

VDES, or VHF Data Exchange System - rooted in AIS, operates as a comprehensive radio communication system, connecting ships, shore stations, and satellites. VDES seamlessly supports both traditional terrestrial routing and global routing via satellite. With an efficient use of radio spectrum and a response to the increasing demand for data, VDES stands as the next evolution.

Advanced Technology for the Future

VDES introduces advanced techniques, offering higher data rates and fortified cybersecurity as its core elements. These innovations ensure not only faster and more efficient data transmission but also robust protection against cyber threats, making VDES a reliable and secure choice for modern maritime communication. Its forward-looking features are poised to redefine the standards of maritime connectivity.

AIS/VDES Network Expertise at Your Fingertips

We lead in AIS and VDES technology, offering expertise, software, and products to construct maritime infrastructures for rivers, offshore operations, coastlines, surface ships, and aircraft. We provide a complete modular and flexible network solution for communication and control, which can be expanded to incorporate additional sensors like radars and cameras. Our solutions prioritize modern cybersecurity and offer encrypted and secure data communication. With versatile software architecture, you can opt for on-premises installation or a cloud-based service (SaaS). Integration with systems from other manufacturers is seamless, augmenting them with VDES and the latest e-Navigation technologies. With decades of experience in AIS and extensive VDES expertise, we are your ideal integration partner for AIS and VDES network technology.

Everything Connected

Global networks represent the future expansion of VDES technology, and we are leading this development. Over time, base stations, transponders, terrestrial networks, and VDES satellites will interconnect, forming a global VDES network. Near the coasts, base stations serve as access points, while in open seas beyond base station reach, VDES satellites step in as access points.

Teaming up with Saab

We stand at the forefront of AIS and VDES technology, offering innovative, efficient solutions that enhance your capabilities. Come partner with us to stay ahead in the world of AIS and VDES technology.

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