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AIS Network Solutions

Saab's AIS Network offers a combination of best in-class maritime communication solutions and a modern suite of maritime management software provided as a SaaS.

Key features

Customized solutions for different needs
Class-leading maritime communication solutions
Network solutions powered by advanced SaaS
Partner with Saab for a complete AIS Network experience


AIS/VDES networks - infrastructure for the future

AIS on Steroids

AIS became a standard requirement for heavier ships in the early 2000s and has since served the maritime traffic on our oceans effectively. Saab TransponderTech played a major role in pioneering the AIS standard, so when the successful technology now is ready for the next step, we are busy pioneering this standard as well.

VDES, or VHF Data Exchange System, is an international standard based on AIS. It is a radio communication system that operates
between ships, shore stations and satellites, and supports both traditional terrestrial routing and global routing via satellite. VDES offers an effective and efficient use of the radio spectrum and addresses the increasing requirements for data through the system.

New advanced techniques providing higher data rates and enhanced cybersecurity are core elements of VDES.

AIS/VDES network expertise at your service

Saab is today leading in both AIS and VDES technology and offers the know-how, software and products needed to build maritime infrastructures for rivers, offshore, coastlines, surface ships and aircrafts, and connect them in a complete network solution for communication and control that is both modular and flexible. It can also be expanded to include other types of sensors, such as radars and cameras. Saab’s AIS/VDES network solutions offer modern cyber security as well as possibilities for encrypted and protected data communication. The modern software architecture can be installed on your own premises or be delivered as a cloud-based service (SaaS). It can also integrate with systems from other manufacturers, thus complementing them with new features such as VDES or the latest e-Navigation technologies. Decades of experience from AIS and our broad expertise in VDES makes us the perfect integration partner for AIS and VDES network technology.

Global VDES Networks

Global networks are a likely future expansion of the VDES technology, and Saab is in the forefront of this development. In the long term, base stations, transponders and terrestrial networks will connect to VDES satellites and satellite networks, and together with terrestrial VDES networks they will form a global VDES network. Near the coasts, base stations are used as access points while out on the open seas where base stations do not reach, VDES satellites are used as access point instead.

Pioneering smarter AIS and VDES solutions

Saab TransponderTech is at the forefront of AIS and VDES technology, offering innovative and efficient products and solutions that amplify your capabilities and facilitate intelligent outcomes. Leveraging Saab TransponderTech's software solutions for AIS and VDES sensor networks not only enhances security but also optimizes operations. Partnering with Saab ensures you stay abreast of the advancements in AIS and VDES technology.

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