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Visby-class corvettes 9LV Ceros

Ceros 200 fire control director

Ceros 200 is a radar and optronic tracking fire control director designed for use on naval ships.

World class target detection and lock-on



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Ceros 200 is a world-class performer in terms of automatic target detection and lock-on. It offers high acquisition speed and great precision, together with the ability to track any target in any weather situation, while enabling fast target switching.

Ceros 200 has been operated successfully in all conditions, from arctic to tropical, and can be combined with the 9LV Combat Management System (CMS) or Fire Control System (FCS) to provide precision control for any naval gun or Surface-to-Air (SAM) missile system.

Several Ceros 200, Eos 500 electro-optical tracking systems, gun fire control and missile control modules can be combined in a 9LV fire control subsystem, where operators dynamically allocate any combination of tracker and weapon to handle surrounding threats.

The Ceros 200 incorporates CHASE, a patented method for processing complex radar target return signals from low flying targets – such as sea skimming missiles – to eliminate multipath effects.

Ceros 200 is available in a Continuous Wave Illuminator (CWI) configuration providing an additional x-band channel for target illumination and control of semi-active missiles. Combined with Saab’s gun fire control, Ceros 200 provides unparalleled accuracy for gun engagements

Radar design

Depending on the clutter situation and Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) threat, the radar selects its frequency agility pattern between 32-pulse bursts and pulse doppler-signal processing, 4-pulse bursts and moving target indication processing, or pulse-to-pulse agility. The pulse repetitive frequency and pulse width are selected depending on the proximity of the target. The digital receiver, in combination with the improved signal processing, enables a higher degree of flexibility of pulse length and waveform, e.g. for adapting to new threats.

The transmitted pulses are frequency coded and pulse compression in the receiver ensures a high range resolution in all modes.

The radar design incorporates many Electronic Counter-Countermeasure (ECCM) features:

  • Very low antenna side lobes
  • Very wide bandwidth
  • A large number of transmission frequencies
  • Random selection of frequency
  • Lock-on jam, track-on jam
Visby-class corvettes 9LV Ceros

Did you know...

... that Ceros 200 uses more than 100 frequencies?

  • It has the ability to track any target, including supersonic missiles and surface threats, in any weather conditions over long and short distances.
  • Extensive testing proves that the radar tracking accuracy of the CHASE method against sea skimming targets is better than 0.2 mrad in calm sea and better than 0.4 mrad in rough sea.
  • Ceros 200 is based on the experience from deliveries of more than 200 fire control systems to navy’s world-wide
frequencies used

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