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Trackfire Remote Weapon Station

Trackfire is designed for use on all types of military platforms including vehicles, vessels and static emplacements. The operator benefits from a fully stabilised, remotely operated weapons and sensor system which provides cutting edge performance irrespective of environment.

Key features

Stabilised Independent Line Of Sight (SILOS) ensures that line of sight is maintained on target
Exceptional hit performance thus minimising ammunition usage and collateral damage
Can integrate a wide menu of effectors and sensors

For all types of military platforms

Today’s service personnel face an ever-evolving battle environment and must react instantly to the demands of every situation. Saab provides critical solutions, capable of responding to all threats – whatever form they may take.

Stabilised Independent Line of Sight (SILOS)

Trackfire’s unique configuration provides a true SILOS. As the independently stabilised sensor module is decoupled from the weapon’s axes (and hence isolated from weapon recoil effects), the operator is able to maintain the line of sight on the target, thereby greatly reducing target acquisition times.

Furthermore, this configuration enables a target to be continuously lased during the engagement sequence; thereby providing a true comprehensive ballistic calculation including 3D target prediction.

Ease of integration

Trackfire has been developed to integrate on to a wide range of platforms and with complimentary equipment. This allows the customer to decide on the level of desired integration: from a complete standalone solution to a fully integrated, networked sub-system.

Combat boat CB90 HSM

The family of Trackfire Remote Weapon Stations (RWS) builds on over 50 years of developing radar- and electro-optic fire control platforms for both land and naval environments.

Trackfire is designed to integrate a wide menu of weapons and sensors. Including the stabilised weapon platform capability and SILOS function, this enables the operator to deliver a variety of effectors, irrespective of the environment, with cutting edge performance.

Photo: © Swedish Armed Forces


The Trackfire RWS provides exceptional capabilities across the full operational spectrum and enhances force multiplication through reliability, superior hit performance and adaptable flexibility.

Trackfire consists of the following main units:

Director Unit (DU)

  • Sensor Module (SM)

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

  • Gunners Display (GD)
  • Fire Control Panel (FCP)
  • Control Handle (CH)
  • Video Tracker (VT)

Trackfire RWS provides the hit performance required to engage threats effectively under all conditions. Trackfire has been developed with the operator in mind.

All primary functionality is ergonomically presented on the HMI, ensuring that Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA) cycles are near instantaneous without the operator having to break visual contact with the Gunners Display.

A dual command facilitates shared capabilities, shorter response times and reduced sensor-to-shooter cycles. Fully prepared for the integration into other platform systems, target and image data can be transmitted within the platform as well as to and from other systems and platforms.


A wide range of weapon effects (including complimentary solution such as non-lethal effectors) can be mounted, often in combination with one another.

The operator is able to select which mounted weapon to use with just a switch of a button on the HMI – the embedded fire control computer does the rest.

Examples of delivered weapons integrations are:

  • M2 HMG 12.7 mm

  • FN MAG58 7.62 mm

  • Mk19 40x53 mm

  • H&K GMG 40x53 mm

Integrated survivability

For maximum crew protection, all Trackfire RWS operations can be performed from below armour or deck, thereby increasing their fightability whilst removing them from harm’s way.

Graceful degradation also ensures system functionality in the event of battlefield damage or a malfunction and a reversionary mode ensures that full crew-served operation is still possible.


Trackfire RWS is designed to meet all operational requirements, ranging from small craft in severe weather conditions to Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV) moving at high speed through challenging terrain – all whilst engaging the target with the highest degree of precision.


Integration of different type of effectors/functions:

  • Smoke Grenade Launcher (SGL)
  • Dazzler / Pointer
  • Spotlight
  • Speaker
  • Lightweight medium caliber cannon
  • Missiles
  • Dual command
  • Appliqué armour
  • Integration with platform sub-systems, including:
    • Battlefield Management Systems (BMS) / Combat Management System (CMS)
    • Navigation Systems
    • Defensive Aides Suites (DAS)
    • Video Distribution System (VDS)

In use

Saab has delivered Trackfire to Finland and Sweden for amphibious and naval applications. The naval platforms range from combat boats to missile boats. Different levels of integration to new and existing systems on the platforms have been performed.

Technical specification


  • Cooled IRV-sensor in spectral band 3 – 5 µm
  • IRV-sensor is equipped with electrical image processing (NIR- and polarization filter)
  • Day camera with 40°- 2° optical zoom
  • Laser Range Finder (LRF) (Class 1, Eyesafe): >4000 meter, <+/- 5 m
  • Elevation: -20° to +55
  • Azimuth (side): +/-15° relative DU azimuth axis


  • Example primary weapons: KSP88 (M2) or GRSP92 (Mk19)
  • Example secondary weapon: KSP58 (MAG 58)
  • Elevation -20° till +55°
  • Azimuth: nx360°


  • Angular velocity az & el: 120 deg/s (max)
  • Acceleration az & el: 400 deg/s²

Environmental data

  • Temperature (operational): -30°C to +55°C
  • EMC according to MIL-STD-461F and MIL-STD-810G

Weight & volume

  • Director Unit: ~280 kg (excl. weapons and ammunition)
  • Height: ~950 mm
  • Width: ~1050 mm

Did you know...

... that there is a moving-3D-mode for air targets available for Trackfire?

  • Trackfire is designed for both naval and land applications.
  • Trackfire is designed at the same entity that designed Ceros 200, EOS 500, and UTAAS.
  • Trackfire can fire indirect fire with 40 mm automatic grenade launchers.
Moving-3D continuously measures the range to the target and is typically used for engaging air targets with a HMG or moving (closing in/out) ground targets with an AGL.

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13 September 2021

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