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Critical Networks - Safeguarding our future

Increased use of online platforms to compute, network and store data, means increasing exposure to cyber based danger. Saab’s offer within Critical Networks include the strongest safeguards to counter these in the most efficient way.

Mitigating network failures and information loss

High degree of automation for systems control and management
Vast experience within information security and classified systems
Integrated service-, design-, and product organization

System complexity and the human factor is the most common root cause to network failures and information loss. To counter these challenges, our design rules are built to keep non-required functions (e.g. dead code) at a minimum. At the same time our solutions have a high degree of automation for systems control and management in order to approach zero touch – Thereby reducing complexity and through this the risk of network failure.

Critical Networks - stock image

Affordability by infrastructure cost sharing

Maintaining assurance and security levels throughout the system lifecycle is crucial. By utilizing a number of different solutions, we manage to increase trustworthiness in both hardware and software. This enables infrastructure cost sharing (e.g. XaaS) through mechanisms for trust deficit mitigations, which in turn means increased affordability. Let us show you some examples:

  • Our patented:
    • Moving Target Defense-solution for micro-segmentation and
    • AI/ML based defensibility mechanism to countermeasure incidents.
  • Supply chain attacks are efficiently safeguarded by our Software Supply Chain, which ensures we remain in control.
  • By applying formal methods to the data plane implementation, we elevate the information assurance levels of the software defined network solutions.
  • Physically separated user- and management plane.
  • All Saab personnel working with critical networks are furnished with proper security clearance.
Critical Networks - stock image

Ensuring required security levels

Our long and vast experience within information security and classified systems, ensure that we can bring joint projects through the required framework and certification processes in order to ensure the required security levels.

The threat landscape and damage control

In addition, we continually monitor the threat landscape and in worst case scenarios offer high speed patching services to ensure damage control and thereby maintain agreed service levels.

Additional products and services

To complement our services, we can also offer off-the-shelf and tailor-made network and security elements for your specific needs like:
  • Software defined Cross Domain Solutions such as;
    • Zero trust Policy Enforcement Points (PEP) with APIs to support systems such as SIEMs. E.g.
      • A PEP supporting Time Sensitive Targeting exploiting Data Centric Security within the Federated Mission Networking initiative to enable Day-Zero Interoperability between partner nations. See video below from 2021 Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise (CWIX).
    • Diode, Filter (incl. streaming data), By-pass, etc
    • Crypto, Firewall, Data classifiers, etc
  • Data center fabric including L2 switching, L3 routing with support for a selected set of military/civil standardized/proprietary access solutions.
  • Deterministic and defendable datalink networks with deployable land nodes, e.g. through DCIS, airborne and naval nodes. Read more below.
Thrustworthy networks for collaboration

Watch and listen to our Product Manager, Stefan Hagdahl, when he explains our offer within Critical Networks.

Video - 1:40
Critical Networks - stock image
Highly integrated process – cost efficiency through the lifecycle

Our integrated service-, design-, and product organization ensures a safe and accelerated digitalization process. Combined with our extensive training solutions, and continuous operational development, it result is a cost effective solution throughout the system lifecycle.

Critical Networks

Did you know...

...that Saab developed RAKEL? The Swedish national digital communications system, used by the emergency services and others in the fields of civil protection, public safety and security, emergency medical services and healthcare, is the world's geographically largest TETRA public safety network. Here are some other major achievenments within the area of Critical Networks.

  • Maintains and develops the Swedish Armed Forces’ communication system, Försvarets Telenät (FTN).
  • Maintains and develops Svenska Kraftnät’s transmission system for power distribution.
  • RAKEL - Continuously increased coverage in a large set of national integrity critical properties.
ISO 27001
Saab Critical Networks are certified according to ISO 27001 – Information Security Management Systems

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