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Saab Global
Giraffe 1X vehicle

Surface radar

Our Giraffe surface radar offer includes solutions supporting ground based air defence and weapon locating operations.

Creating time to act

In critical situations where every second counts and uncertainty can become a matter of life or death, time is the most valuable asset. With time on their side, defence forces are in a far better position. Prepared, in control, with the initiative and time to be pro-active. Our radars solutions for ground-based defence give forces air superiority from the ground. They protect forces, securing their freedom to manoeuvre and support air superiority built on actual real-time control. By being able to detect and counter threats with utmost precision and in seconds, our weapon locating solutions create freedom of manoeuvre when turning threats into targets. With our capable, leading-edge sensor solutions you place time in your corner, making sure you have the power to act when you most need it.