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R5 RIC - Radar Interface Computer

The R5 RIC (Radar Interface Computer) offers state-of-the-art signal acquisition and processing capabilities, enabling the generation of high-resolution digital radar video. Its versatile platform is equipped with flexible interfaces, accommodating radar systems from a diverse range of manufacturers.


The R5 RIC (Radar Interface Communication) serves as a cost-effective solution for transitioning advanced analogue radar systems into the digital era. It equips these systems with modern signal filtering and analysis capabilities. Additionally, the R5 RIC can operate as a protocol converter for digital radar signals.

High Resolution

The R5 RIC Radar Interface Computer is distinguished by its cutting-edge signal acquisition and processing capabilities, ensuring high-resolution digital radar video output.

Flexibility at its Core

The R5 RIC boasts flexible interfaces that accommodate radars from various manufacturers. This versatility enables the integration of legacy radar systems with any multi-sensor command and control setup.

Cost-Effective Enhancement

By extending the operational lifespan of legacy radar systems, the R5 RIC provides a highly economical alternative to purchasing entirely new radar systems.

Remote Management

Effortless remote control and monitoring of the R5 RIC can be achieved via Ethernet or RS232. The product includes software that facilitates easy configuration and monitoring.

Key Features

  • Compatibility with a wide range of radar systems
  • Versatile hardware interfaces
  • Exceptional performance and reliability
  • Acquisition with up to 16 bits per sample
  • Dual acquisition at speeds of up to 100 Msps
  • Built-in NTP client
  • Support for ACP/ARP
  • Optional support for Syncro
  • Comprehensive remote configuration and monitoring via Ethernet/RS232
  • Limited monitoring and configuration through a web interface
  • Inclusive advanced Windows-based configuration and monitoring software

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