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The R6 NEO and the NAV NEO systems are Saab's latest navigation systems designed to meet the Panama Authority requirements for transiting NeoPanamax vessels, available Q2 2024. 

Key features

SOLAS-approved system
Class-leading DGNSS navigation with IMU back-up
Correction via IALA beacon, SBAS, ATLAS and RTK service
Flexible and modern user interface


High Accuracy Heading and Positioning

Saab's R6 NEO system is intricately designed to meet the rigorous transit requirements of NeoPanamax vessels navigating the Panama Canal. At its core, the system combines Differential Global Navigation Satellite Systems (DGNSS) and inertial navigation providing superior precision in crucial vessel parameters such as position, speed, course, heading and rate of turn.

R6 NEO System Configurations 

The R6 NEO and the NAV NEO systems are Saab's latest navigation systems designed to meet the Panama Authority requirements for transiting NeoPanamax vessels, available Q2 2024. 

WIth our modular design, the system will be available in different configurations: primarily for Panama Canal transits, but also with an extension, a solas-approved navigation system for daily use in any waterways, ports and other high-traffic areas while outside the Panama Canal. 

Saab R6 NEO System

The R6 NEO System is designed to the Panama Canal Authorities (ACP) onboard installed pilotage equipment requirements, effective from October 2023. 

The equipment will provide precise data to the ACP pilot onboard the NeoPanamax vessel while transiting through the canal.

The R6 NEO System configuration consists of:

  • DGNSS providing high accuracy position, speed, course, heading and rate of turn
  • Correction via IALA beacon, SBAS, ATLAS and RTK service
  • IMU (Intertial Measurement Unit) back-up and improvement of ship position and motion
  • AIS target data from built-in AIS receiver
  • UPS with >5 hours battery back-up
  • Wireless interface for piloting software and reception of RTK corrections

Saab R6 NAV NEO System

The R6 NAV NEO System is designed to Panama Canal Authorities (ACP) requirements and at the same time IMO SOLAS Chapter V requirements for DGNSS and Transmitting Heading Device (THD).

In addition to the R6 NEO:

  • SOLAS-approved DGNSS and Transmitting Heading Device (THD)
  • Ability to use the same system on open sea as well as in narrow waters or at docking
  • Precise ship position and movements displayed on the R6 CDU as well as distributed ECDIS, ARPA or other systems onboard the ship
  • Outstanding position and signal integrity with built-in detection for spoofing and jamming 

Extreme Navigation Accuracy

The R6 NEO system excels in providing unparalled accuracy on vital navigation parameters crucial for safe maritime operations. With RTK precision at 0.001 meters plus 1 part per million (ppm) Root Mean Square (RMS), SBAS accuracy at 0,3 meters RMS, heading precision at 0.02 degrees (5 meters baseline), speed accuracy of 0.03 meters per second, and a rate of turn accuracy of 0.1 degrees per minute, the R6 NEO ensures extreme vessel positioning performance. 

Flexible User Interface

The R6 NEO systems are designed to provide for a seemless user experience. At its core is the highly versatile CDU (Control and Display Unit). To streamline bridge setup and to reduce equipment and installation costs, the CDU can be shared with Saab's R6 Supreme AIS Transponder. This ensures a minimum number of screens on the bridge, promoting space efficiency. By utilizing multiple CDUs, users can simultaneously access various views and configurations for monitioring of essential parameters such as position, heading, rate of turn, speed logging, and more.

The CDU boasts a modern graphical user interface with a 7-inch touch display that is sunlight-readable and delivers accurate colours from any viewing angle. With a resolution of 1024x600 pixels and support for over 16 million colours, the display provides a visually appealing experience.

Spoofing and Jamming Detection

The rise of spoofing and jamming incidents has become a significant problem placing vessels in danger that could potentially result in fatal outcomes. By combining multiple data sources, R6 NEO is able to detect spoofing and jamming attacks aimed at manipulating vessel integrity and position. The system analyses signal data received by base and rover antenna looking for data divergences, and any attempt to compromise will trigger an alarm.

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Did you know...

Maritime inertial navigation refers to a technique utilized by vessels to accurately determine their position, velocity, and orientation on the sea. This system operates independently of external references by using a set of sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes to continuously calculate the position, orientation, and velocity of the moving vessel. The inertial navigation system (INS) captures data about the vessel's movements, integrating the velocity over time to compute the current position.

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