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The R6 NEO system is Saab's latest navigation system designed to meet the Neopanamax requirements, offering SOLAS-approved inertial navigation capabilities powered by gyro and accelerometers to provide extreme navigation accuracy under challenging conditions when GNSS signal is lost. Available in Q1 2024.

Key features

Inertial Navigation
Precise navigation with RTK
Market leading GNSS/DGNSS performance
Dual-use CDU combines functionality with R6 Supreme AIS/VDES system


High accuracy Heading and Positioning with Inertial Support

The R6 NEO is Saab's latest navigation system designed to meet Neopanamax requirements for transit through the Panama Canal. The NEO system holds an integrated SOLAS-approved heading sensor for daily navigation. It promises maximum safety, efficiency, and navigational accuracy, featuring built-in gyros and accelerometers in a 6-degree-of-freedom IMU configuration. The inclusion of inertial navigation amplifies the system's resilience, allowing it to maintain precise navigation even under demanding conditions. 

Ease of use
The system is designed to be self-monitoring and user-friendly, offering a seemless experience. It incorporates the highly versatile R6 CDU (Control and Display Unit) and provides flexibility through various sensor configurations and antennas, making it one of the most adaptable systems available. The intuitive and user-friendly design ensures smooth operation, serving as a valuable tool for daily tasks. The CDU boasts a modern graphical user interface with a 7-inch touch display that is sunlight-readable and delivers accurate colours from any viewing angle. With a resolution of 1024x600 pixels and support for over 16 million colours, the display provides a visually appealing experience. Additionally, the R6 CDU includes an interface for convenient dimming of central bridge equipment. 

Multi-purpose display
To streamline the bridge setup and to reduce equipment and installation costs, the CDU features a shared display capability with Saab's type approved R6 Supreme AIS/VDES transponder. This integration ensures a minimized number of screens on the bridge, promoting space efficiency. By utilizing multiple CDUs, users can simultaneously access various views and configurations, enabling them to monitor essential parameters such as position, heading, rate-of-turn, speed logging, and more from the system. This versatile functionality empowers users with comprehensive situational awareness and flexibility in their monitoring capabilities. 

Inertial Navigation
The R6 NEO goes beyond the traditional Saab navigation system by incorporating built-in gyros and accelerometers in a 6-degree-of-freedom IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) configuration. 

This integration of inertial navigation enhances the system's robustness, enabling it to uphold accurate navigation even in demanding conditions like passing under bridges where the GNSS signal may be lost. The R6 NEO's capability to maintain precise navigation under such circumstances showcases its resilience and dependability. 

Precise Navigation with RTK
Input of RTK (Real Time Kinematics) from Satellite/UHF Radio/Wi-fi Connection/External make the system able to calculate position with centimetre accuracy and precise heading down to a resolution of hundreds of a degree.  

Spoofing and Jamming Detection
The rise of spoofing and jamming incidents has become a significant problem, as it often places vessels in danger that could potentially result in fatal outcomes. R6 NEO offers a robust multi-frequency and multi-system able to counteract such risks. By providing position and heading stabilization, along with multiple layers of integrity monitoring using Inertial Navigation Technology, R6 NEO effectively safeguards against attempts to compromise vessel intergity and position.

Meets Neopanamax requirements
By combining the R6 NEO system with the R6 Supreme AIS/VDES transponder, the resulting setup meets the Neopanamax requirements for transit through the Panama Canal. 

• Market leading GNSS/DGNSS performance

• Dual 61162-450 networks interfaces for easy integration and redundancy

• Dual-use CDU can combine functionality with R6 Supreme AIS/VDES system

• CDU with waterproof front for exposed panel mount installations

• 1PPS timing output port

• Up to 4000 waypoints and 128 routes
• Integrity monitoring by RAIM and Heartbeat

• 128 waypoints per route

• Rate-of-Turn indicator

• Transmitting Heading Device

• Speed log functionality

• Spoofing and Jamming Detection

• Multi-frequency operation

• Increased multi-path resilience

• RTK support license option

• Centimetre accuracy

• Satellite-based correction subscription service


UK helicopter and lifeboat exercise

Did you know...

Maritime inertial navigation refers to a technique utilized by vessels to accurately determine their position, velocity, and orientation on the sea. This system operates independently of external references by using a set of sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes to continuously calculate the position, orientation, and velocity of the moving vessel. The inertial navigation system (INS) captures data about the vessel's movements, integrating the velocity over time to compute the current position.

Number of ships passing through the Panama Canal daily

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