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Sea Giraffe

Sea Giraffe 4A

The Sea Giraffe 4A is a naval long-range AESA S-band multifunction radar providing the awareness required to protect your ship and rule your domain.

Any threats, any waters

The Sea Giraffe 4A combines long-range air surveillance and defence with full horizon coverage on surface targets and is the ultimate sensor for mission success and survivability throughout the whole scale of conflict in any naval environment. It combines the battle-proven designs from the Sea Giraffe AMB and Arthur product families, with an all-new radar sensor, based on AESA (Active Electrically Scanned Array) technology.

The multi-functional advantage

With Sea Giraffe 4A, the commanding officer will access very high situation awareness through simultaneous air and surface surveillance together with uncompromised self-defence capabilities. This new radar offers exceptional range, performance and multi-functionality in a single compact solution.

The Sea Giraffe 4A scans the total 360 degrees search volume up to 70 degrees with 60 rpm and provides an unparalleled 3D target update rate, along with high altitude coverage and accuracy. The radar provides an simultaneous all-weather coverage against air and surface.

targets from low, slow and small targets (UAV:s), to fast moving fighters and missiles, RAM target and jammer strobes, at all altitudes and in severe clutter.

The surface channel gives a high probability of detecting very small targets in close proximity to the surface, for example rib boats. The Surface channel is also equipped with a high resolution surface surveillance capability specifically designed to detect gun fire splashes in order to provide data for gun fire corrections (for example support pre- and in action calibration).

Detection superiority

The Sea Giraffe 4A FF gives you the multi-role advantage providing quick and reliable simultaneous detection of surface and air targets including sea-skimming missiles with very small radar cross-sections. Thanks to Saab’s world-leading naval radar technology, this capability is also maintained in the extreme clutter conditions of littorals.

Sea Giraffe 4A

Mastering the littorals

The radar is designed for continuous upgrades to meet tomorrows’ requirements and future threats.
With the Sea Giraffe 4A the commanding officer will have gain superior situational awareness through simultaneous air and surface surveillance and uncompromising self-defence capabilities.

The high reliability provided by Sea Giraffe 4A, will greatly reduce the required investment in on-board and depot spares. The user-friendly design leads to reduced operator and maintenance training will significantly contribute to reducing the total cost of ownership.

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Leaflet in pdf for view or download:
18 September 2020

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