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Warheads and Mortar Ammunition

Rigorous research, dedicated development and meticulous manufacturing help us to guarantee world-class warhead and mortar products.

Key features

A trustworthy partner with over 150 years experience
The revolutionary MAPAM® comes in 60 mm and 81 mm
THOR 120 mm has supreme lethality and efficiency

A new era of mortar warfare

With more than a century of developing and producing advanced prefragmentated ammunition for worldwide customers, we are a trustworthy partner.


Advanced Simulation Analysis


The perfect blend of Advanced Simulation Analysis and associated methodology enables us to design and create highly potent explosive charges with embedded pre-fragmented bodies and fuze integration, as well as efficient manufacturing processes and validation tests.

Modern manufacturing techniques

Our products and solutions are manufactured in an absolutely safe environment by extremely qualified and experienced people, to meet the most demanding quality checks.

With the most modern machinery and control equipment, our plant can guarantee the highest quality products in the shortest possible delivery times, as well as low production risk.

Core competencies

  • Cutting-edge simulation and modelling capabilities, reducing the time from design to finished product
  • An industrial-sized isostatic pressing process, producing very high-performance charges
  • A competent engineering team experienced in armour penetration and behind-armour effects, meeting the highest customer criteria
  • Accurate manufacturing processes to ensure the best and most sustainable products
  • Shrink-fit assembly, producing stable performance in various extreme environmental conditions
  • 10 CD and beyond penetration capability (10x calibre diameter)
  • A round hammer system, dampening precursor charge (PC) shockwave and enabling shorter dimension warheads
  • Built-in pre-fragmentation, creating predictable lethal range to protect civilians and own troops

In use

Our warheads are used in the:


Mortar ammunition

We provide the most efficient fragmentation rounds on the market, using cutting-edge technology to increase efficiency by up to 250 percent.

MAPAM 60/ 81 mm

Our Mortar Anti-Personnel Anti-Material (MAPAM) mortar round revolutionised how infantry units approach mortar-based combat. MAPAM comes in 60 mm and 81 mm calibres.

Mapan 60
The 60 mm mortar ammunition offers a decisive advantage to troops in close combat situations, with high precision to protect them and avoid inadvertent damage.
MAPAM 81 mm
The 81 mm mortar ammunition has a greater range for a wider engagement zone. As with the 60 mm, it decreases the risk of inadvertent damage and ensures safe handling due to IM capabilities.

THOR 120 mm


Traditional airburst mortar rounds fitted with a proximity fuze disperse fragments in nearly every direction. This decreases the mortar’s lethality as over 50 percent of fragments scatter upwards.

With almost twice the target area effect compared to a conventional 120 mm mortar round, THOR delivers fragmented loss reduction of up to 15–20 percent. This doubles the effectiveness, making THOR a viable short-range alternative to heavy artillery.

The round can be uniquely designed, combining different shapes, materials and fragmentation sizes to attain the desired effect on the target. Being able to customise the style of fragmentation not only delivers tailored lethality, but also control of fragment velocity.

THOR uses our proprietary ODIN technology to increase lethality by up to 100 percent, giving your forces a much higher chance of neutralising and even destroying targets that would normally require heavier support.


  • Spheres can be optimised for range and lethality
  • Controlled safety zones protect own troops and avoid collateral damage
  • The design concentrates fragments towards the ground for 20 percent less fragmentation loss – resulting in twice the effect in the target area
  • A higher angle target approach in the final part of the trajectory focuses fragments towards the ground


  • Lethality is approximately 200 percent of a standard 120 mm round
  • The flexible, modular approach creates the adaptable design capability
  • An enhanced blast effect is optional
  • There are lower lifecycle costs and a logistical footprint versus a standard 120 mm round
  • It is safe to handle with IM
  • The range is more than 8,000 m


  • A cylindrical central body enhances lethality
  • A chamber configuration can be modified depending on the set target
  • Adaptable fragment shapes and quantities are possible
  • The centre of gravity can be adapted and the ballistic performance remains similar

Did you know...

  • Mapam is 3 times more effective than a conventional mortar round
  • Mapam reaches the highest level of Insensitive Munition (IM) and therefore the safest HE mortar round on the market
  • MAPAM 81mm can be operated in temperatures as high as +63 °C
THOR 120mm is equipped with 4,250 steel balls for devastating effect on its targets

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