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Gifts and hospitality

There is zero tolerance for bribery and corruption at Saab. We have very detailed and strict policies that everyone must follow.

Business courtesies are a legitimate part of promoting Saab’s products and services, improving the image of Saab and strengthen relationships and trust. However, improperly managed gifts and hospitality may constitute bribery and corruption, which is strictly prohibited under Saab’s anti-bribery and corruption policy and by law. Therefore every Saab employee is required to make sure that the gift or hospitality is lawful, in accordance with internal rules and does not cause discomfort in any other way. The requirement applies when offering as well as accepting gifts or hospitality.

The instructions point out circumstances that require special precaution, e.g. gifts and hospitality in relation to public officials, regularly offered to the very same person, during contract negotiation or during a procurement process. The instructions also make clear that it must be handled in an open and transparent manner and correctly recorded in Saab’s books. Offering cash, vouchers or unethical content is never permitted.

Apart from basic refreshments below SEK 200, all gifts and hospitality needs approval, from line manager up to senior management team member depending on the value of the gift or hospitality, with higher escalation in case of public officials.

Saab has developed an assessment tool for support in the process, i.e. identification of red flags, and provide additional guidance through case studies and scenarios.