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Derive more value from data

InDepth™ is a 3D holographic visualisation and communication platform for teams to discuss, plan, and gain a common understanding of site data. Developed from a military-grade solution, in consultation with key partners from the resources sector, it allows users to improve their spatial intelligence.

InDepth creates a digital twin of our site(s) within a shared holographic workspace with the Microsoft HoloLens and Windows 10 PCs. It brings teams together in a shared environment, inviting true collaboration. Even remote colleagues can join and contribute to the experience.

In depth
Using InDepth to visualise complex information in 3D, you can now focus on decision-making and truly maximise the use of your data and time

Our partners tell us they are now interpreting their data quicker; and making more informed and effective business decisions. The following examples are what some InDepth users have been able to achieve:

  • Convey detailed development plans to investors and community members
  • Make cost savings through execution, by being able to review designs in a collaborative environment

  • Determine strategies for complex underground developments

  • Understand site development and exploration in relation to neighbouring sites

  • Discover differences between planned and actual drill holes, reducing cost and waste in future blasting; and

  • Identify errors in exploration (seismic) data

InDepth allows users who work with designs or scans from existing tools to obtain a greater understanding of their potential data. This unlocks enormous potential for future exploration or expansion work, and mitigates latent risk.

Control how you see and interact with your data, by importing and removing selected data sets so only relevant data is shared with the team or invited stakeholders. Collaborators outside the domain or site will establish a greater understanding of the situation and gain confidence in the decisions being made.

InDepth requires minimal training due to the intuitive nature of the system. Although we provide extensive documentation and support, including training and setup if required, it’s simple to get started. Our customers have found themselves importing multiple data sets and sites without assistance within minutes of first using the system.

Data management

Mixed reality

The collaborative workspace means that local and remote uses can view the same data at the same time aiding in everyone gaining common understanding of the dataset. There is also settings for customisable data filtering so you can discuss key points of data more clearly. InDepth also allows users to follow the site from exploration to reclamation.

InDepth can interpret virtually any data set, however some examples of the types of data our customers have historically visualised in InDepth are:

  • Fault/horizons
  • Ore bodies
  • Pit/shafts/declines current state and planned
  • Drone imagery
  • Aeromagnetic surveys
  • Drill holes/wells and associated data
  • Block models
  • Stirring data
  • Projections


  • True holographic 3D representation
  • Switch (filter) on/off layers of 3D data, allowing toggle between yearly plans, phases, geology or engineering viewpoints
  • Control the look and feel of your data within the system
  • Multiple concurrent users, local and remote
  • Variable detail with zoom level to ensure optimal data quality and system performance
  • Real time data overlays
  • Table top and immersive views
  • Stand-alone mode for on-site or off premise work
  • Multiple sites supported, completely configurable by users
  • Multiple sites merged into a geographically accurate digital twin
  • Toolset for importing designs, terrain, geology, block-models, surface imagery and 3D meshes in UTM or mine grids
  • Integrate changes to design or new scans as partial updates to a layer, or as new layers within minutes
  • Toolset for importing drill holes including trace and lithology/hits assay
  • Toolset for importing 3D models such as mobile equipment and vehicles
  • Configurable grouping, colouring an filtering of designs, drill holes and 3D meshes
  • Information panels to display additional information, such as graphs, images, text and video, creating an infinite workspace
  • Cross-section view of the map
  • Project 2D data onto the 3D landscape, such as exclusion zones and tenements
  • SDK and API for publishing live fleet, mobile equipment or IOT data to the system
  • Benefit from further developments for defence and other customer domains
In depth
In depth


Mixed Reality Microsoft Partner

The Hololens is a lightweight, see-through, untethered computer for viewing holograms and projected data.

Saab was one of the first developers Microsoft invited into their mixed reality partner program


Marc Bryant
Australian Sales Director | Land and Air Solutions

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