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Cyber Security

Keeping your information safe

All government and commercial entities should have a robust information security framework to protect them from disruptive, damaging or possibly lethal cyber breaches. The risks are too great to ignore and are becoming increasingly common. 

Risk management

Our comprehensive information security advisory services can help you identify risk and safeguard your business from a devastating information security breach.

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The proliferation of ransomware, intellectual property theft and financial fraud are just a few threats we face today. Information security is not an ‘IT’ problem! Information security is a business risk and all business areas are part of the solution. The key is to identify what is important, what are the threats, and how can you reduce the associated risks to an acceptable level without impacting upon the organisation’s objectives.

Saab Australia has security assessors who are IRAP certified by the Australian Department of Defence’s Australian Signals Directorate. Conforming to the Australian Government’s stringent protocols, they are highly qualified and endorsed to make independent information security assessments. Assessments that will help you understand, identify and manage information security threats and the associated risks. Our specialists are trusted and respected by federal, state and local governments nation-wide and have assisted organisations in the defence, health, education, law and finance portfolios.

Services available through Saab Australia include consulting, penetration testing, information security auditing, training programs, as well as creating and implementing a complete strategic framework.

Our protection and recovery solutions

  • Penetration testing Testing infrastructure, operating systems, services and applications to identify vulnerabilities and assess risk through exploitation.
  • Vulnerability assessments Similar to penetration testing without vulnerability exploitation. A preliminary exercise to identify vulnerabilities without confirming their exploitability.
  • Social engineering Tests security controls through people and processes by identifying staff awareness and resilience to the most successful and commonly-used attack vector today.
  • Network design and security architecture reviews Determine whether controls within a network/communications environment are effective and appropriate for current business requirements, and aligned with vendor and industry best practise recommendations.
  • System configuration and security reviews Assess server and IT system configurations against industry and vendor best practise. Typically cover security configuration, password strength testing, software maintenance, firewalls, network infrastructure etc; tailored to your specific needs.
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) network access review Assess appropriate technical controls and protection to handle information and services that meet current business and regulatory requirements.
  • Governance, risk and compliance reviews Measure organisations commitment to standards (e.g. ISO 27001 and the Department of Defence Information Security Manual) policies and procedures to review an organisation’s maturity and ability to manage risk.
  • Recovery solutions Saab’s SAFE security and safety management platform is a workflow management system that guides organisations or operations through crisis or emergency situations. Used by airports, prisons, public transport networks, police departments, the system is easily customised to manage your unique tasks, resources and actions to restore

The framework and systems protecting our information assets and those of our customer's are independently audited and certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard


Pierre Truter
Sales Director Cyber Security, Risk and Air Traffic Management

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