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A scalable solution for healthcare challenges in remote Australia

3 min read + Video

Providing accessible and adequate healthcare in remote Australian communities has always been a challenge due to the vast distance from healthcare providers and the resources needed to set-up established facilities.

Australians living in remote and rural areas often face poorer health outcomes and higher rates of hospitalisation for preventable conditions than people living in metropolitan areas do. More than 70% of people in remote Australia are living further than 100kms to the nearest hospital, and frequently a preventable condition results in hospital admission. These Australian’s simply do not have enough accessible and adequate healthcare services to prevent non-life threatening illnesses from escalating.

Through our bespoke, structured approach, Saab’s deployable medical offering can help fill health service gaps in Australia’s remote communities. Saab’s deployable healthcare solutions are modular and adaptable, delivering solutions consistent with international and national standards of acuity and medical response capability.


The modular design and infrastructure enables adaptability of medical care capability for short and long-term assistance, ranging from weeks to months at a time. As the modules are highly scalable, they can be deployed as single modules for a specific medical capability (e.g. dialysis services), or the equivalent of a full scale hospital with triage, advanced resuscitation and stabilisation, emergency, general and specialist surgical facilities, intensive care units, general wards, pharmacy, pathology, rehabilitation, mortuary services, advanced diagnostic imaging, dental care and mental health services.

Deployable dialysis module

Saab’s deployable health solutions are designed and developed in Australia with collaboration from industry leading medical care providers and our own deployable health solution architects. This collaborative industry approach allows our deployable health solutions to be tailored to meet exact requirements.

Globally, Saab has provided deployable healthcare solutions to a range of international military and humanitarian assistance agencies for over 30 years. In 2022, Saab will establish the global Deployable Health Centre of Excellence in Australia to bring knowledge, skills and IP to our region.

Under Joint Program 2060 (JP 2060), Saab Australia will deliver over 550 state-of-the-art deployable medical modules to the Australian Defence Force (ADF), providing best-practice healthcare for a range of military and humanitarian uses – in Australia and overseas.

Saab recently commenced construction of its Deployable Health Capability Support Centre in Queensland. Saab’s new purpose-built facility will enable the efficient storage, maintenance and deployment of the program’s deployable health modules, to support the ADF in the delivery of world-class clinical care. 

Visit our stand at Australian Healthcare Week to learn more about Saab’s deployable healthcare solutions and hospital security offering.