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Mixed Reality Services

Work Smarter

Mixed reality blends the physical and digital worlds empowering you to interpret and interrogate digital information freely. Navigate through and interact with data intuitively using gaze, gesture and voice commands. This fully immersive experience provides the perfect platform for training, conceptualising, and planning, or managing any range of operational functions.

Mixed reality

Our mixed reality applications allow you to visualise and interact with your data like never before. Collaboration takes centre stage as local and remote users view the data together and can see each other’s perspectives, allowing effective and efficient use of time.

Decisions makers and key stakeholders work together, evaluating alternatives, exploring the concepts and gaining a more in depth understanding of the impacts of their decisions.

Mixed reality applications add value in planning, training, simulation, analysing data, operations, customer interaction and other pursuits.

Saab was one of the first developers Microsoft invited into their mixed reality partner program. Our core development team based in Adelaide, Australia has created a wide range of applications for the defence, health care, education, marketing and resources sectors. We create applications for various hardware platforms, including *Microsoft HoloLens, immersive mixed reality/virtual reality headsets and Windows PCs.

Our reputation for innovative thinking, technical competence, integrity and trust comes from exceeding expectations, delivering on time and to budget. We listen attentively and work collaboratively with our customers to ensure their final solutions meet their needs and deliver valuable efficiencies for all users.

Build on core capabilities

Our geospatial capability forms the basis for a range of applications. Major features supported by the core capability include:

3D holographic maps

See your data in true 3D, under/on/above ground data can be visualised.


Collaboratively work together with remote and local users. You can work in either synchronised or de-synchronised modes. The presenter mode can be utilised for walking other users through the story of the data.

Explore the world

Variable levels of detail are supported as user zoom and pan across the map. You are able to load in base data as well as supporting data as required.

Real time data integration

View data from various sources in real-time as well as visual representations of status and capability.

Data views

Immersive view of configurable size, allowing users to walk and explore the data intuitively.

Data transformation

UTM and local site data supported

Work offline

Mixed reality has the ability to leave networked environment and take the data with you

Display devices

View data on a range of devices, including Microsoft HoloLens and Windows 10 PC

Map interaction tool suite

The tool suite includes, ability to cross section the map, pan and zoom, raise and lower the map, one click information filtering and customisable information panels.

In depth
In depth
Mixed Reality Microsoft Partner

The Hololens is a lightweight, see-through, untethered computer for viewing holograms and projected data.

Saab was one of the first developers Microsoft invited into their mixed reality partner program




Marc Bryant
Australian Sales Director | Land and Air Solutions

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