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Visualise ideas, make them real

Sandbox is a geospatial visualisation system where users can see the unfolding or planned mission sequence in true 3D. Sandbox pulls together from both internal and external sources to create a 3D image allows users to gain a common and more immersive understanding of the data presented.

Mixed reality allows users to visualisation information and data with your head up and your hands free. Sandbox is an innovative tool for mission planning and live training system integration, which includes mission briefing, during action review and after action review.

Sandbox allows users to gain better communication and understanding of otherwise complex scenarios involving multiple assets. This assists operational decision making, as users are able to see the scenario through another lens.

While supporting both local and remote users, Sandbox gives all participants a real sense of the site, whether that is through a fixed tabletop view or through an immersive full scale view. Sandbox also supports multiple datasets and shows visualisation evolution by time or phase.

The data import tool is intuitive to use and has features such as customisable filtering, integrating multiple data sources and will update the system as new data becomes available. Sandbox is guided through instinctive gaze and gestures to pan/zoom the map, filter through information, present and interact with customisable information such as track, platforms and points of interest.

The data management and configuration modules give users the control to add and import data as and when they need it. This data can be customised regarding how the data is imported, how it appears and how it is filtered – providing the optimal control over updating data without needing input from external parties.

Sandbox accepts data upgrades into the system without needing restarts which gives the user more flexibility in their work and allows multiple layers such as visual and thermal imagery.

Users can also import 3D models into the system and gives users yet another visualisation method to further explain data and scenarios. Users are also able to control and modify how this information appears to reduce training and cognitive load if necessary.

Sandbox injects information from external systems such as tracks, platforms and specific points of interest. For example sandbox has integrated the following in past projects:

  • DIS integration
  • Csv data playback
  • IoT integration
  • X-Box controller application
  • Simulator integration; including controlling vehicles and people

Just a few uses case of Sandbox are listed below:

  • Situational awareness
  • Mission planning
  • Mission rehersal
  • Training and education
  • Site planning
  • Pre-deployment orientation
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Littoral missions
Mixed Reality Microsoft Partner

The Hololens is a lightweight, see-through, untethered computer for viewing holograms and projected data.

Saab was one of the first developers Microsoft invited into their mixed reality partner program


Marc Bryant
Australian Sales Director | Land and Air Solutions

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