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Gripen E

Gripen for Canada

Canada is choosing a new fighter. A decision that will see a new fighter defend Canada, deter her opponents and meet her international commitments. Meet Gripen - the right fighter for Canada.

A smart fighter with the technology to ensure Canada’s pilots are flying an aircraft designed to defeat their opponents for decades to come and bring them home each time. A smart fighter that is built by Canadians and supported by Canadians for generations. A smart fighter at home in the snow and ice, there when you need it, where you need it. A smart fighter designed to ensure the dollars are spent keepings its pilot in the cockpit and not in the simulator. A smart fighter that is Gripen.



Gripen Factsheet

Designed to defeat any adversary. Made for forward-thinking air forces, Gripen E incorporates cutting-edge technologies, the latest systems, sensors and weapons to ensure combat advantage, delivering Air Superiority in highly contested environments. Gripen E re-defines the rules of the game.



Gripen and Aerospace R&D Centers

The Future Fighter Capability Project will provide Canada with an opportunity to provide generational economic benefits, with a focus on the aerospace sector. Saab announced in March 2020 that we had teamed with leading Canadian companies such as CAE, IMP Aerospace and Defence, Peraton and GE. Together, our bid offers an unrivalled Industrial and Technological Benefits package that puts Canadian companies in a position to generate new long-term sustainable employment opportunities, in highly skilled careers and to do so in established locations as well as other areas where the investment will be most beneficial to Canada

Gripen E

Gripen E - The Smart Fighter

The next generation Gripen, Gripen E, is built to adapt to changing threats and operational requirements that face modern air forces. Based on the proven Gripen C/D platform, Gripen E furthers this heritage as one of the most advanced multi-role fighters in the world - revolutionary because it combines advanced technology and operational effectiveness in an affordable package that no other fighter aircraft can even hope to match.


Built for Canada by Canada

Beyond Gripen’s unmatched capability and value, Saab’s firm commitment to provide significant economic and industrial benefits to Canada through an innovative Transfer of Technology and Knowledge programme and global industrial partnerships will have an unprecedented impact on the Canadian aerospace industry for generations to come


Built for Canada Brochure

Saab has undertaken a detailed assessment of Canada’s Future Fighter requirement and has tabled a proposal for 88 Gripen E fighters to meet those operational needs. A proposal that will provide Canada with the perfect fighter for Canada. To learn more about Team Gripen for Canada's offer download and read our Built by Canada Brochure.


Gripen E
Brazilian Gripen E
Gripen E