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Saab Global
Our experience are built on a history of developing and manufacturing complete aircraft. We constantly break new ground, raising the bar for design, engineering and manufacturing technologies and program execution.

Why Saab?

Saab has the experience and capabilities required for building a wide range of aerostructures but, our main focus is on moveables, doors and wing structures.
Saab provides design and manufacturing of advanced composite and metallic doors for the Boeing 787 (all versions), including mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems.
Saab is represented on Airbus Commercial Programs, with, for example, different types of wing structures, ailerons, exit doors and support structures to the flaps.

This is Saab Aerostructures

We constantly break new ground, raising the bar for design, engineering and manufacturing technologies and program execution. Our determination to bring our customers the best solutions possible has kept us at the forefront of the industry for 80 years, and there are still plenty of technical and mental boundaries left to push. You could say innovation is deeply rooted in our work.

Efficient, safe and reliable

Our experience, know-how and expertise are built on a history of developing and manufacturing complete aircraft. Since the foundation of Saab in 1937, thousands of aircraft have left our hangars, including the Saab 340, the Saab 2000 and Gripen – the world’s first new-generation fighter in operation.

Some use innovative technology - we create it

Today, our knowledge, expertise and global reach translates into state-of-the-art aerostructures that are cost-efficient, robust and safe. We use our knowledge, experience and innovative thinking to create cost-efficient solutions that will further improve our product and the customer value we provide.

Close working relationships with our customers

In 1997, Saab made the decision to focus its commercial aeronautics business on supplying structural components to major aircraft manufacturers. Today we are a tier-1 partner to Boeing and Airbus and our attention is on developing wing structures, movables and doors. Over the years, we have established close working relationships with our customers and are considered a key and strategic collaborator in the development of their aircraft.

Program references

Boeing 787 - Saab supplies the large and bulk cargo doors, as well as the crew escape doors for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. A range of systems are built into the doors’ composite structures, providing the customer with a lightweight door that is easy to install.

Airbus A380 - Saab produces MOLEs (Mid and Outer Fixed Leading-Edges) for the world’s largest commercial aircraft – the Airbus A380. Each MOLE is 32 meters long and exceeding two tons. It is the single largest part ever produced by Saab.

Airbus A350 - Saab is responsible for design, development and manufacturing of the flap support structures and fairings for the A350 XWB-1000 – the largest aircraft in the A350 family. The flap support structures link the landing flaps to the wing trailing-edge structure and allow the deployment of the flaps during the take-off and landing phases.

Airbus A330 - Saab supply composite work to the A330neo program comprising manufacture of the A330neo wing trailing edge falsework extension which is situated on the outer part of the wing with interfaces to the Sharklets and the wing box. Saab is responsible for the design and manufacture of production tools together with the manufacture and assembly of all items required for the work package.

Airbus A321 - In March 2015 Saab become a supplier in the A321neo Airbus Cabin Flex project and are together with its engineering partner Tech Mahindra in Hyderabad, responsible for design, development and manufacture of Door Plug 3 and Cover Plate. In April 2016 Saab received the contract from Airbus to design, develop and manufacture the OverWing Door for the A321 ACF (Airbus Cabin Flex) Aircraft. It is a metallic door with actuator springs, designed to replace the previous hatch door.

Airbus A320 - Saab is responsible for development and production of ailerons for the Airbus A320 family. Always striving to improve our solutions, we redesigned the aileron in 2006. The new version requires half the number of components and has significantly reduced production time and costs.

Airbus A400M - Saab develops, produce and provide support of the crew door for the A400M.


Interesting facts

  • As tier 1, Saab Aerostructures is single Source to Airbus and Boeing on all its contracts
  • Saab has a sub-assembly site in India, which supply final assembled doors directly to the tier ones Final Assembly Line
  • Saab Aerostructures is in forefront in lean and was one of the pioneers within Saab with moving assembly lines
Our determination to be the best has kept us at the forefront of the industry for over 80 years

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