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CBRNe Detection and Warning

Early warnings to units and personnel in the field is key in limiting the effects of CBRNe threats. Saab's Automatic Warning and Reporting system (AWR) can identify a wide range of threats for fast and accurate early warnings.
CBRN Control room
CBRN sampling and transport packaging

Key features

Fully integrated sensor network with sensors of your choice, negates the need of CBRN specialists
Integrates detection, identification, monitoring, warning and reporting
Decision support module for fast and accurate decisions

Early warnings are key

Our CBRNe Automatic Warning and Reporting System (AWR) consists of both hardware and software, designed to provide early warnings to units and personnel on the battlefield. The decision support module helps the operator make fast and accurate decisions, which is a key factor in limiting the effects of CBRNe threats. The AWR system can be installed in headquarters, camps and vehicles as well as on hand-held computers and soldier systems.

CBRN  Vehicle

A consolidated threat picture

The AWR system provides unique efficiency by integrating detection, identification, monitoring, warning and reporting as well as decision support in a single system. This feature negates the need for deploying CBRNe specialists widely throughout the operational forces, reducing training and personnel management costs.

Any type of sensor

The system can use virtually any type of sensor from any manufacturer; meteorological, chemical, biological, radiological, positioning or video sensors to mention a few.

The AWR system is based on a modular and open architecture, which allows users to change sensor configuration over time in response to changing threats. All connected units, from fixed and mobile sensors to soldier systems are fully integrated into the system.

How it’s all connected

The below graphic explains how it is all connected. There are enablers necessary to make it work. Then we add on the different area protection nodes, which makes up a complete CBRNe sensor network.

CBRN how it works

Key benefits

  • Adaptable and modular system that meets your operational requirements
  • A sensor network with distributed data enables early warnings which shortens time to action
  • Combines sensor supervision with decision support and sensor fusion to minimise false alarms
  • Remotely operated sensors from all places in the system reduces the need for CBRNe experts
  • Expandable with fixed, deployable and mobile sensors and capabilities
  • Automatic CBRNe reporting and role-based information sharing
  • Combination of systems together with a simulated training environment for CBRNe substances
  • AWR system that is deployed and in use with proven features and integrated CBRNe capability

Technical specifications

The AWR system is modular and may be installed in any place where you want to receive warnings and reports of existing dangerous substances in the area. This could be in headquarters, camps, vehicles as well as on hand-held computers and soldier systems.

sPad Soldier System - _SKA9327.jpg
The AWR sensor nodes are designed to meet the Swedish Armed Forces very strict technical requirements regarding environment and EMC/HPM protection.

Based on Safir SDK

Our AWR system is a generic software platform based on Safir SDK. Parts of the Safir platform are Open Source under the GNU/GPL license agreement. Open source software enables greater independence for the customer. Sensor suppliers can choose if they wish to deliver the sensors alone or as a combined package of sensors and software.


  • TIM-warning in accordance with STANAG 2229
  • Information structured according to JC3IEDM
  • Applicable versions of ATP-45 (STANAG 2103) and AEP-45 (STANAG 2497) are used for warning and reporting
  • Reports are sent in ADatP-3 format (STANAG 5500)
  • The software is designed to be part of other C2 system, which means that a service oriented architecture (SOA) is used
  • The system handles information that is classified as secret/restricted
CBRN infographic startpage

Interactive CBRNe scenarios

If you want to learn more about how our CBRNe solutions interact in different scenarios and applications, open up this interactive, animated infographic.

To the scenarios
CBRN Control room

Did you know... unit is all it takes. CBRNe reconnaissance capability can be achieved by the use of one single unit, tested and approved for military environment.

  • The CBRNe reconnaissance capability can be widely spread over a vehicle fleet, which will enhance situational awareness and increase security of operations at a relatively low cost.
  • The AWR sensor fusion reduces the amount of false alarms in the network to a minimum, increasing the readiness and quality of decisions made.
  • The AWR system's modularity allows for a minimum of integration and design costs, from detection to identification. Capabilities can be scaled up according to customer's requirements.

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CBRNe Transport Packaging

Safe and certified transportation of CBRNe samples

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CBRN/TIM Sampling Equipment

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