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CBRN sampling and transport packaging

CBRNe Sampling

Saab's CBRNe/TIM sampling kit and Advanced Sampling Equipment are dynamic solutions for forensic and tactical sampling. The CBRNe sampling equipment consists of man-portable cases with a selected range of sampling equipment.

Key features

Designed for tactical and forensic sampling
Tailor-made according NATO standards AEP-10, AEP-49 and AEP-66
Sampling of C, B, and RN agents from air, water, liquids, soil, powder, objects and vegetation

CBRNe/TIM Sampling Kit

The CBRNe/TIM sampling kit is a man-portable case or backpack with a selected range of sampling equipment. It provides first responders, military or other operational forces, with all the tools they need to conduct efficient, proper and secure field collection of all types of chemical, biological and radiological agents, including toxins and other toxic industrial materials.

The CBRNe/TIM sampling kit also comprises the necessary equipment and procedures for proper collection of a wide range of sample materials, including, liquids, soil, powder, objects, and vegetation. It is also designed to work with our CBRNe transport packaging solution for hazardous materials.

CBRN TIM sampling kit - standard
The CBRN/TIM Sampling in standard configuration
CBRN-TIM sampling kit - Backpack
CBRN/TIM sampling kit – Backpack
CBRN-TIM sampling kit - Customized
CBRN/TIM sampling kit - Customized

Advanced Sampling Equipment

The Advanced CBRNe Sampling Equipment is a dynamic collection of field sampling equipment, fully customizable to your needs and requirements. The collection includes everything needed for sampling of all types of CBRNe warfare agents, toxins and industrial chemicals as well as radiological substances. It contains:

  • More than 300 different articles for forensic sampling of CBRNe agents from air, water, liquids, soil, powder, objects and vegetation
  • 11 different sampling kits
  • One record kit
  • One accessory kit
  • Three mission boxes
  • One cooling box for samples

All equipment follows NATO Standards AeP 10 and AeP 49.

CBRN sampling system - Advanced
CBRN sampling system - Advanced
CBRN sampling
A customized CBRN sampling kit in use
Forensic CBRN Scene Forensic CBRN Scene _SKA9116.jpg
Forensic CBRN sampling
CBRN infographic startpage

Interactive CBRNe scenarios

If you want to learn more about how our CBRNe solutions interact in different scenarios and applications, open up this interactive, animated infographic.

To the scenarios
CBRN training

Did you know...

... that our advanced sampling kit includes more than 300 items?

  • Field proven concept
  • In use on four continents
  • Used by INTERPOL

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Leaflet in pdf for view or download:
8 September 2020
8 September 2020

CBRN/TIM Sampling Equipment

Including equipment for evidence marking

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8 September 2020

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