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CBRN Recce Vehicle

Saab offers a complete portfolio of various field proven CBRN solutions. With our Recce vehicle, configured with the appropriate equipment, you will stay mobile, modular and flexible at all times.
CBRN  Vehicle
CBRN  Vehicle

Key features

Field analysis

CBRNe reconnaissance made easy

Sadly enough, the modern society we live in today is burdened by a constant threat of being exposed to dangerous CBRNe substances. These substances can originate from various sources we normally have around us in our society, such as accidents in a factory causing a fire with ammonia emissions, toxic gases from a truck accident, nuclear power plants etc.

Terrorism is another source and something we do not like to think about, but it's becoming more and more evident in our daily lives. Of course, it's difficult to protect yourself against everything, but with a well-thought-out strategy and the use of preventive monitoring, a large part of the risk can actually be mitigated and kept under control. Being prepared can truly mean the difference between incident and disaster.

CBRN Recce vehicle infographic
Overview of the CRVK components.

Be prepared

There are many ways to prepare for CBRNe threats and one efficient way is by using Recce vehicles (reconnaissance). Configured with the appropriate equipment, you will stay mobile, modular and flexible at all times. The vehicles can be deployed in risk areas on a permanent basis, and/or be used for temporary reconnaissance in temporary suspected areas.

With the right equipment in your vehicle you will have an extensive capability to safely monitor, identify, report, sample, analyse, and even calculate and propose suitable actions to mitigate and avoid the threat.

CBRN sampling and transport packaging
Can be mounted on any standard vehicle.

Cost efficient for standard vehicles

The CRVK is a cost effective solution to modify a standard vehicle to support CBRNe reconnaissance. The kit consists of three main parts, which have been adapted to simplify installation. By adapting special brackets to existing mounting points, we have reduced the need for re-design of the standard vehicle to a minimum.

With CRVK, it’s possible to create an automatic reach back capability where remotely grouped specialists can control the sensors to support the front CBRNe team.

Identification of substances can be performed to Presumptive and Field Confirmatory level. This creates an advanced and highly mobile CBRNe vehicle that can support the following missions:

  • Reconnaissance
  • Survey
  • Surveillance
  • Monitoring
CBRN Recce concept vehicles 3D

Remote chemical surveillance

All sensors, as well as our proprietary vehicle electronic infrastructure, are chosen and developed for maximum efficiency and robustness in challenging conditions. With our solution, the sensors are kept safely away from environmental and electromagnetic interference.

The CBRNe Communication and Information System (CIS) provides real-time situational awareness to users, supports decision makers with sensor data, show risk and warning areas, and supports planning and crisis management.

The CIS software combines different measuring technologies in condition groups, thus reducing false alarm rate significantly. It gives CBRNe specialists and decision makers support for fast and accurate decisions, which is a key factor in limiting the effects of CBRNe threats.

A modular approach means you can always get a tailored solution, without compromises, for a wide range of vehicles at a very attractive cost.

  • Rugged vehicle electronic infrastructure
  • CBRNe Information System software
  • Sensor suite for C/TIC, B and RN
CBRN  Vehicle

Stay undetected with a mobile camouflage system

Your CBRNe Recce vehicle can also be equipped with Saab Barracuda's world leading Mobile Camouflage System (MCS). The system is modular and reduces the average detection range by 50-100 percent in the following areas:

  • visual and near-infrared
  • thermal infrared
  • radar

The HeaT Reduction systems also lower the internal temperature of vehicles, thereby extending the endurance of both personnel and electronic equipment.

CBRN Control room

Did you know...

  • Having your vehicle equipped with Saab Barracuda's Mobile Camouflage System increases survivability 3-10 times.
  • CBRNe stands for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives.
times increased survivability

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Leaflet in pdf for view or download:
8 September 2020
8 September 2020

CBRN Recce Vehicle

Reconnaissance made easy

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24 September 2020

CBRNe Transport Packaging

Safe and certified transportation of CBRNe samples

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8 September 2020
8 September 2020

CBRN/TIM Sampling Equipment

Including equipment for evidence marking

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