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DAM - Deployable Maintenance Facility - Hungarian Air Force

Deployable Maintenance Facility

Saab's Deployable Maintenance Facility provides enhanced maintenance capacity, combined with superior force protection, and can be deployed rapidly wherever the need arises, enabling increased operational availability.
Deployable Maintenance Facility - Patria vehicles in desert - CGI
Deployable Maintenance Facility - Vehicle in forrest - CGI

Key features

Enhanced maintenance capacity and infrastructure optimisation
Multi-spectral protection
Self-sufficient capability

Enhanced capability – anywhere, anytime

Being deployed is often equal to rather primitive conditions, lack of protection and availability of the sufficient supporting resources and maintenance capability you are used to at the home base. However, it does not have to be like that.

Our Deployable Maintenance Facility (DAM) provides enhanced maintenance capacity for a wide range of vehicles, and combined with superior protection against weather and warfare sensors, it allows you to increase the availability and survivability of your high-value assets.

Superior durability

The solution has superior durability and robustness, offering rapidly deployed capability equivalent to stationary maintenance infrastructure, but at a fraction of the cost. It is simply an ideal complement, or even substitute, to stationary infrastructure suitable for domestic and expeditionary operations.

DAM significantly increases your flexibility by reducing the dependency on stationary infrastructure and is equally suitable to support air and ground vehicles.

DAM overview

The hangar

The smart hangar structure used in DAM is a very durable and versatile design, suitable for a vast range of fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters as well as a multitude of land vehicles. The design complies with the structural strength standards for permanent buildings, making it capable to withstand significant environmental strains and harsh weather conditions over extended periods.

Durable structure

The hangar consists of a lightweight metal structure with a fabric cover system that provides full multispectral camouflage protection to your assets. It has motorised clamshell openings with manual operation and completely independent emergency clamshell manual openings, for redundancy and flexibility purpose.

The hangar is climate controlled by rapid connection of an external heating and ventilation unit, providing a superior maintenance environment and a comfortable working environment.

These characteristics, in combination with minimal maintenance requirements, also makes it an ideal solution to complement or even substitute permanent maintenance infrastructure.

NATO compliant capability

The assembly process is carried out from the ground upwards, increasing the safety of the working crew. The specially designed air transport platforms generates significant weight and cost savings during air transportation. The whole assembly meets NATO environmental standards.

The versatile design includes the possibility to extend or shorten the hangar to the required length, providing real flexibility to protect and maintain a wide array of both aerial and land based vehicles.

CGI Signature image DAM - Urban Camo - Low res


37 m
Length (extendable)
20 m
8 m


Multi-spectral protection

Barracuda multispectral camouflage is integrated in the solution in order to achieve superior protection of personnel and assets. The hangar and maintenance containers are thereby protected against modern warfare sensors.

Barracuda is the market leader in signature management products since 1957 with customers in more than 45 countries worldwide.

Increased survivability

The protective properties of the camouflage reduces the risk of both long-range detection as well as short-range identification, ultimately increasing your survivability.

The multispectral protection covers modern sensors in the UV, visual, near-infrared, thermal infrared and radar bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. In addition the camouflage limits the effects of solar radiation, contributing to reduced internal temperature in the covered objects. This in turn generates lower costs for cooling and increased comfort for the personnel.

Deployable Maintenance Facility - Tanks - CGI
DAM - Deployable Maintenance Facility - Hungarian Air Force


Maintenance containers

The deployable maintenance system is modular and scalable. By using ISO 20 ft containers, designed to serve as workshops, warehouses, offices and locker rooms, the system allows for a main base workshop maintenance capacity, in deployable format.

A flexible solution

The maintenance containers have been uniquely designed to connect to the hangar, providing a completely sealed and protected maintenance environment. The containers are fully customisable and can be adapted to the maintenance requirements of a specific aircraft or vehicle type, concept of operations and mission profile.

DAM - Deployable Maintenance Facility - Hungarian Air Force

• Workshop maintenance
• Crew equipment maintenance and storage
• Spares and equipment storage
• Maintenance support
• Mission support

DAM interactive infographics

Learn more about DAM

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DAM - Deployable Maintenance Facility - Hungarian Air Force

Did you know...

  • Deployable Maintenance Facility can be assembled by 9 personnel only.
  • The components included have in various forms been successfully used to support military operations globally since 2002.
  • That DAM is equally suitable for aircraft and land vehicles due to its modularity.

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